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Clam Pizza

I'm sure we've been through this a hundred times. Looking for an update. We are coming up the I-95 corridor from NJ to Mass. Where would be the best place for clam pizza. Is New Haven still the best area. If so, where?

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  1. Some prefer the white clam pie from Pepe's, with garlic, olive oil, and fresh chopped Rhode Island clams. Others prefer the Sally's clam pie with red sauce. Bacon is an additional option at either. Modern has clams with a mozzarella base, either red or white.

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      Which location? The further north the better.

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        Sorry, I'm referencing just New Haven locations.

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        Except that Pepe's uses fresh clams and the white clam pie I had at Sally's had fishy, canned clams, yuk.

      3. Al Forno in Old Saybrook CT makes one that rivals the New Haven variety.

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          We went to Al Forno the other night. They did not have a clam pizza on the menu.

        2. Zuppardi's in West Haven uses whole little neck clams. I like it best.

          1. Pepe's in New Haven. No Doubt. Don't expect to just walk in there for lunch the wait can be maddening.

            But if you were to travel the mass pike 84 91 route instead, first and last tavern on maple ave in Hartford makes a damn fine clam pie.

            1. Area 4 in Cambridge MA makes a great clam pizza if that's near your final destination.

              1. I'll be driving NY through New Haven in 3 weeks. I called Pepe's yesterday, was advised to 1) phone the day before to inquire about clam availability, and 2) reserve enough for an afternoon pickup of a clam pie if quantities are low. 203-865-5762. If all goes well, I'll phone in a pick-up time en route.

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                  Take and bake clam pizza?????? Are you sure you want to do that? Or already cooked and then reheated?

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                    Pepe's is 10 minutes from where I'm staying. I'm sure I'll eat a hot slice in the car.

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                      But then reheated? I reheat a lot of pizza but just can't imagine reheating clams :(

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                        I'll turn the heat on in the friggin' rental car. 10 minutes, same time zone.

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                          I do take-out Pepe's white clam all the time. 10 minutes travel is fine. If you can cut the pizza on your own just before eating, ask them not to slice the pizza. It'll keep the clam juices from soaking the bottom of the crust and making it soggy.

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                            When we (rarely) do takeout pizza, we turn the oven on, put in the stone, have them slightly undercook the pizza, definitely don't slice, finish cooking at home. A couple more steps but we REALLY don't like steamed, soggy pizza. This is about the best we've been able to come up with.

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                              Same here, although I don't have a stone. Just put a cookie sheet in the oven, crank it up to 500+, and once hot, throw a slice or whole pie on the hot pan for 2 minutes, 3 tops. Works great in my opinion, as long as the pizza wasn't well done straight out of the pizza oven. I do this a lot.

                2. Pepe's in New Haven...pure clam pizza nirvana

                  1. you can also head to west hartford for some excellent white clam, garlic and bacon pizza at Harry's and Luna (right next to each other).


                    1. I stopped from NJ and had clam pizza at Pepe's. There was no wait that day and the pizza was heavenly. Kids thought I was crazy, but professed their roni and sausage was the best ever. One note, the crust did not survive well until dinner.