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Local strawberries available yet?

By local I mean close in VA or MD (DC metro area). I was wondering because spring has been so cool tho I do see the Fresh Farm markets opened May 1.

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  1. How local do you consider the Northern Neck? That's were the strawberries I bought at the College Park market came from.

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      Yes, that is local to me! Good to know. I will try the Crystal City Fresh Farm market on Tuesday and see what they have and also the Alexandria market.

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        How were they? Is this the sunday market in downtown cp?

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          It was the Sunday market. They weren't bad, but probably could have used another day or so ripening. I think they'll probably be better this week.

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            Thank you for answering. I'll have to check it out this sunday!

      2. Based on my garden (in Loudoun County), not quite yet.

        1. They were at the Mount Vernon Farmers Market this morning...

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              I tried some green strawberries that had amazing flavor. Tart as all get out. Was told this is the weekend for Virginia strawberries to start coming in.

          1. We got some at the Vienna farmers' market on Saturday, and they were pretty flavorless. Not quite ready yet, but close...

            1. I picked up some at the farmers market in Stone Ridge yesterday. The color of the berries caught my eye, the aroma closed the deal. Outstanding.

              No berries in my garden, yet.

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                Is that the one at the library? How was it? I'm planning to bike up there tomorrow. Is there anything I should look out for. Sadly, I had no idea we even had a farmer's market until I got the most recent newsletter...

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                  Yes, by the library -- the South Riding market has moved yet again. The market looks like it will be good -- nice mix of produce, meats, baked goods, honey. etc. The first weekend they also had a middle-school-age band from Bach to Rock who played, among other things, a respectable cover of "Keep 'em Separated." 8<D

                  There's also a good barbecue guy and a coffee truck.

                  The guy with the strawberries also had lots of nice lettuce.

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                    Sounds good. Thanks for the info!

              2. There were none at the Glover-Burleith farmer's market yesterday but it was quite late by the time we got there so they may have sold out. I will look out at Dupont later but it'll be lunchtime by the time we make it there I expect!

                I have just started signed up to the Washington Grocer scheme and have ticked the local box so I'm hoping some might turn up in that at some point.

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                  Local strawberries at the farmers market today! I bought a punnet and they are delicious.

                2. Strawberries at any markets around here are coming from North Carolina - at best. And in my experience, are not very good yet. All of the farmers have told me local should be the end of the month.

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                    That's the case with Pick Your Own.

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                      Pick Your Own has started at Gorman Farms (MD)

                    2. Pick your own strawberries opened this week at Gorman Farms in Laurel Md. They are open this Saturday.