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May 8, 2013 05:29 AM

New Hampden Resto and Bar

David's First and 10 Sports Bar set to open on Falls Road with hard opening next Tuesday...from their FB page looks as if they will have both poutine and Bahn Mi!!!

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  1. Sorry but I'm so bored in general with the Sports Bar concept.

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    1. re: Lewes

      whoa...whatever happened to waiting until a place was at least open for a day or two before the put-downs start?

      It's not another national chain - so there's that! They make their own corn dogs ($4) and are offering a cheap vinho verde for the wash down. Sounds like summer to me.

      Here's more:

    2. Anything new in the 'hood is welcome!

      1. Went this past Sunday...beautiful space, huge bar and nice servers. I was the only one in there at 11:40. They were still in their soft opening so had a shortened menu, and unfortunately, the Bahn Mi was not a part of it. I wasn't very hungry so looked for something small...they had fresh asparagus soup, with a bacon garnish. It was delicious and a big bowl for $5.00! I also had a Dogfish Head...the bartender and waitress were both extremely friendly, and the owner was hanging around as well. Will wait to see what the full menu offers!

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        1. re: crosby_p

          Been twice. Initial visit bartender had no idea if there was a happy hour, draft was horribly poured and $8 glass of wine seemed a bit steep. Must say several staff stepped in and were helpful and nice. Second visit had good crowd most watching Os game. Bartender was attentive but overcharged for a beer but chalk it up to newness.
          Think it has good potential. Need to work on atmosphere. Dim the lights and put some music on even turn up O's volume. Nothing worse than being in a bar and having to hear everyone's conversation. Only a few of the many TV's were in HD which is a minus.
          Short menu at this point but a bit all over the place. Hold judgement until I actually order something.
          Hope they step it up since it would be nice to have a place in Hampden to watch some games, grab a bite and hang out.

        2. anything with a bacon garnish!