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Market Basket crispy chocolate chip cookies

Anyone else in love with these? They are so good, taste homemade. Made with real butter. I do love a chewy cookie but sometimes you just want something crispy. These are thin, crispy and buttery. So good. Come in a package of 12. I try not to buy them often because I can't stop eating them!

They have come out with new flavors like oatmeal and lemon but I've only had the chocolate chip.

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  1. I have not but i look at them every time i go but resist the urge! Last weekend came really close to getting them cause they were also on sale!

    1. Add me to the fan club. Really amazing for supermarket cookies although they are made by Jacqueline's Gourmet cookies of Salem as are many of MB baked goods. The praline and toffee are equally mind blowing! Another good one is the thicker "gourmet" line CC cookie, again very buttery and close to homemade quality and made by Jacqueline

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        That's a little disappointing. I wanted to believe that the market was actually making really good cookies! Oh well, they are still delicious!

      2. I am with you, I don't like the chewy ones.

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          Checked today and noted that the chewy ones which are not bad at all are in a brown bag with gold lettering and called Simply the Best. Not to be confused with the thick ones in the clear plastic tubs. Yuck.

        2. Yes, they're great, glad they're not cheap or I'd buy them weekly!

          1. Tried them once and I feel they are a far cry from the Tates Bake Shop version that they seem to be trying to imitate. You can easily find Tates cookies in Whole Foods or try Trader Joes High Brow cooies sometime (which are purportedly made by Tates and branded by TJ's). Better quality butter and chocolate IMO...

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              Tates are now abundant in Shaws/Star, too.

            2. I tried them when either the enlarged Wilmington or B.urlington stores opened (can't recall which) and thought they were great. Within the following month, I bought them again and think that they had changed to a lesser-quality chip. Gave them a third try to be sure the disappointing ones weren't a fluke from a temporary shortage of the original chips. The third time was also inferior, so I will no longer buy them. I find the chocolate tastes cheap like Russell Stover. The first bag's chips tasted like Ghirardelli or comparable quality chocolate

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                I have never bought the CC ones again, but on a whim recently, got the toffee walnut. They were fantastic! So I also tried the lemon and the oatmeal walnut. The latter were as good as the toffee ones. The lemon was a little too reminiscent of Pledge furniture polish. For me, a little lemon oil goes a LONG way. They were not awful, but I would not get them again.

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                  Just recently I tried the Walnut Praline version, which is my new favorite. Not sure if they are new or I just never noticed them before.

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                    Grey, they've always been there and they just make the choosing more difficult because they are lovely too. It really is just a matter of flavor favorites with these cookies as the ingredients for the entire line are all right out of a home baker's pantry, meaning all things you can pronounce and recognize like those straight off of your grandmother's recipe cards. Not a thin and crispy one but from the same vendor, the Scottish shortbread is really sandy and buttery with the same ingredient profile. So good!

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                      I too just tried the walnut praline and the toffee. Both really delicious. Can't pick a favorite!

                2. Thanks....I noticed these on sale tonight at $2.99 for 12 and remembered this post and picked up 3 packs.
                  Choc. chip, lemon, and Oatmeal & Walnut.
                  Tried one of each tonight and really enjoyed the flavors in each one. Even at the reg. price of $3.99 I think this is a good buy for these cookies.

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                    Yes, they go on sale every couple of weeks. Never tried the lemon or oatmeal so I can't concur but glad to hear you liked them.

                    got to love the finely tuned and nuanced palates of some chowhounds like greygarious. I think I'm pretty discerning and sensitive but posts like yours show me that I've got a lot to learn!

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                      Didn't notice that post.

                      There could have been a change in the chips, don't know, but it seems a little critical dissing the chips used in a .25 to .30 cent cookie. I could see it if the cookies were costing a dollar or more each, but that's me.

                      I had one this morning to concentrate on the taste of the choc. chip and it tasted fine, Nothing off putting. It was the crispy butteryness of the cookie that I was noticing more.

                      They could be nestle toll house chips as far as I'm concerned. That's what I used 95% of the time at home.

                  2. Would love to get the recipe for the thin oatmeal nut ones. They are to die for. These are also packaged in bags of 12.

                    1. Explain more, please? I'm at the Somerville Basket most weeks, but I haven't seen cookies that look delicious. Has anyone spotted them at that location? Are they up in front where everyone starts, by the eggs?

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                        I have never been to the Somerville MB but I shop at several MBs in my area. At each, these cookies are in the in-store bakery department, on the free-standing tables there. They are stacked in clear cellophane bags, with a ribbon tie. The only "brand" on the label is "The Bakery".

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                          The Somerville store doesn't seem to be big enough to have a store bakery, so I'm guessing they don't have them there. The Chelsea store does, though.

                        2. Does anyone know which market basket is closest to Boston College? I'm dying to go but I don't know the geography around here outside of Boston.

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                              It might be faster to hop onto Storrow Drive and head over to Chelsea. It's 2 blocks from the first exit after going over the Mystic River Bridge. I believe there is suppose to be one opening in Waltham eventually.

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                                There's an interactive map of all a Market Basket locations at http://www.boston.com/business/news/2...

                                The closest one to Boston College is probably Union Square, Somerville. Although I love this store—it's my "local"—it is small and the roads to it are congested (not to mention the parking lot!).

                                The suggestions you've already received—Burlington and Chelsea, plus waiting for the imminent opening in Waltham—make more sense.