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May 8, 2013 12:15 AM

Bryan/College station - where to eat

Hi, I'll be in the area in late june for a wedding. I'll be coming form austin and am looking for great food in the area. Haven't been in this area in a few decades and am looking for great food that I wouldn't be able to find in the austin area-so bbq and texmex are probably out. anything from fine dining to good ethnic cuisine would be appreciated!

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      1. re: James Cristinian

        thanks, I looked at some of the old threads. but they were really old! probably a lot of changes over the last 8 years...

        1. re: chrisdds98

          That list is ancient in restaurant time. Many of the places are no longer in business.

          Here are a few of the places I'd suggest.


          Taz for Indian

          Shiraz Shish Kabob for Middle Eastern. There's also a newer place called Zand's that seems to be well liked.

          I've heard good things about the Filipiniana Asian Emporium.

          Chef Tai's food truck is interesting. It's the local gourmet food truck.

          I also like J & J Asian Bistro.

          American cuisine:

          Republic is a good high end steak place.
          Christopher's and Veritas are on the high end of the local market.

          I like La Riviera for moderately priced fine dining ($20 or so for entrees). Maddens and the Lemon Wedge are also nice.

          We've exported two of our local favorites, so you probably don't need to hit Freebirds (buritos) or Double Daves (pizza/peproni rolls).

          If you want casual Blue Baker has nice sandwiches and pizza. Wings and More is the local place for spicy wings.

          You can get arguments about burgers, but Koppe Bridge is my choice for a standard burger and Grub works for the fancier side.

          I know you don't need barbecue, but Fargo's has been getting a lot of attention since the it made the Texas Monthly top 50.

          And then, there are always the many, many chains that are hard to miss.