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May 7, 2013 10:35 PM

ISO sticky natural PB

Hi. I've only purchased natural PB once and it was a bit grainy. I am looking for sticky as in stuck to the roof of your mouth quality. I rather not buy several types
Which is why I ask here

My 16 year old dog has come down with a respiratory infection. I normally would shove the medication inside of meat but loss of appetite has coincided. I tried tricking her into swallowing them which did not work. Then I tried peanut butter which gets stuck to her mouth and she licks and swallows it. This method works very well but I'd like to minimize the sugar and salt in the peanut butter if I can. Am currently using planters creamy peanut butter

If you can tell me a brand/type with the same super sticky consistency please list it. Likewise if you have a suggestion for me ill take that too


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  1. If you want pure peanut butter, search out a local place that grinds it. I think most Whole Foods have this or a local health food store.
    Whenever my dogs have to take pills I use finely grated cheddar cheese surrounding it. However all of my dogs are under 20 lbs so the pills are tiny ;)

    1. Maranatha makes organic no stir peanut butter. It has that sticky consistency. They add some palm oil to keep it from separating.