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May 7, 2013 09:42 PM

Bouley or Del Posto lunch?

I'm looking to have a fancy lunch this Friday and I'm trying to decide between Bouley and Del Posto. Any inputs?

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  1. Bouley has long been one of my favorite restaurants, and I've never been to Del Posto, so my vote is for Bouley.

    1. Cant go wrong with either. Both terrific and top notch. Enjoy.

      1. Never been to Bouley but have been to Del Posto many times. We love it. The lunch is well worth it. I am sure Bouley is as well, but like I said, I can't comment on that as I have never been (though it's on our list).

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          Del Posto gets my vote as well. I've been to Bouley and liked it but prefer Del Posto for service, atmosphere and food.

        2. Thanks guys! It's 2 to 1--> so I've booked a table at Del Posto this Friday. What do you guys suggest? Any must have dishes on the lunch menu now?

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            Make sure to do the "add a pasta" option, first - it's an extra ten bucks, but for ten bucks you get upgraded to the "full Italian" meal experience - three savory courses (antipasti, pasta, secondi) plus dolci. (And it would still be a bit less than Bouley, even with the extra course)

            The menu's changed a bit since I was last there. The Cotechino is always good, but it's one of the heavier antipasti, and if you're going to go the full four-course shebang you might want to go seafood or something lighter to start.

            For pastas, I'm personally not a big fan of the pumpkin - sweet pastas just don't really click for me, though. The Agnolotti with peas and espresso is interesting, and the Bolognese is always good, if very straightforward.

            For Secondi, the Cacciucco is always spot-on, and I've always found they make excellent lamb, however they're doing it. Really, there aren't any BAD options.

            The only dish I'd call a real "must try" is among the desserts (which are arguably the best of any restaurant in NYC right now) - the celery sorbet with goat cheese spheres is something I still think about, some three (more?) years after I first tried it. Sam Sifton named it one of his dishes of the year when it debuted, and it's become such a signature that even as the rest of the menu changes seasonally, it's stayed on there, and with good reason.