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May 7, 2013 08:48 PM

Chows & Chains - A year later

About a year ago I asked people how often they go to chains/Fast food for meals (not for coffee). My list over the course of a year was 20 stops. So I started thinking about this year and it's a much shorter list.

Burger King - 1
McDonald's - 1
KFC - 1
Subway - 2
T.G.I.Friday's - 1
Cracker Barrel -1

I've kinda turned my back on chains completely. One is because I didn't have a car this year and two, I just always feel disgusted after eating fast food. With the exception of KFC and Friday's all the others were halfway through long car rides with my brother (who is a health nut).

So anyone else refraining from the Fast Food world or does it play a role in your daily or weekly life?

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  1. I go to chains a few times per year. I am a total health nut. I like junk food but can't bring myself to eat it much.

    For some reason, It is tradition to have a McDonalds drive through breakfast before an early morning flight. So, that happens a few times a year. I like a filet o fish a few times per year too, so McDonalds is definitely my most frequent FF stop. I have actually never eaten a Big Mac.

    I will go to either Burger King, Taco Time or Jack in the Box for lunch maybe once a year, but the food is so thick with grease that I feel yucky after eating it. Tastes good though. This year, I went to Taco a tummy ache later.

    I eat at Olive Garden and Red Robin maybe once every year or three.

    Sometimes I will try a chain restaurant that I have never been to. This year I tried the Cheesecake Factory and Five Guys. Both places were good for corp food, at least I didn't feel sick afterward.

    I would like to try Popeyes chicken once.

    1. I gave fast food up years ago. I never go. Really, never.

      I do go to chains once and awhile as a lot of my friends have get togethers there and I don't always want to direct the activity. But if someone tried to get me to go to Subway I'd be like, no, I don't eat there.

      1. The role of fast food in my life has diminished significantly since I retired. I have more time to shop for groceries and cook at home. I do, however, greatly miss my morning sausage biscuit from Hardees. There is only one Hardees in my city and now that I am no longer commuting to work it isn't a convenient option. Probably for the best, as those biscuits are (albeit delicious) giant carb/fat bombs.

        With the arrival of spring (finally!) I will be doing a lot of yardwork. I will probably be having more McDonald's McDoubles and Culvers Snack Packs via their drivethrus when I am too tired to cook and too dirty to get out of my car.

        On the other hand, several KFCs in my area are being converted to Popeyes, so I anticipate an uptick there (never liked KFC but have fond memories of Popeyes from many years ago).

        1. Once a week I eat Chipotle, but that's about it. Some weeks I might sub in a local fast casual chain for the Chipotle.

          "Drive Thru" type fast food is mostly limited to road trips. When I'm sick with a cold I love having a McDonald's chicken nugget meal. I think it's the saltiness. Also when we go out to eat it's often a chain (places like Old Chicago or Texas Roadhouse), basically because unless we want mexican or asian, those are the only options that are closeish to our house. When SO's dad comes to visit we always go to Olive Garden because he loves it and doesn't have it where he lives. If we are downtown though, we will do non-chains.

          My birthday is coming up though, and I have already decided that Popeyes is on the menu for one of my birthday dinners (I get two because my actual birthday is on a weeknight, so the nicer dinner will come on a weekend).

          1. Since I no longer travel for work all the time, my chain visits have reduced dramatically. In fact, most of my recent visits have been chowhound/chow inspired.

            If have been to McD's for the Fish McBites which were discussed extensively here and I eventually had to try them.

            Most recently stopped at Carl's Jr. to try the Bourbon Burger and Cod sandwich, both of which were reviewed by the Chow Supertaster. SO said the Bourbon sauce was too sweet and he would have preferred the regular burger. I thought the cod sandwich was good, nice grilled fish with tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato. I would get that again.

            We have also had 5 Guys and Popeye's in the last year (like both of these places) and I think that's about it. Most of these visits were when were on long drives and needed a quick stop.

            When I want a quick meal while at home I will usually go to one of several independent places nearby that do takeout.