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May 7, 2013 08:09 PM

Kohnami Sushi

This place is where Hoover's north used to be. I'd strongly suggest going for lunch or happy hour, where all rolls are buy one get one free.

I feel like they put a lot of thought into their Chef's Special rolls: I tried the Godzilla and the Kiss of Fire. They have plenty of rolls that are tempura-fried, dipped in masago or topped with tobiko. I'd say go with a group of four, have a drink, order four rolls, then see where that takes you. What have you got to lose? I did not have sushi or sashimi, but others in my party did. I'm more of a sashimi guy, but the rolls were interesting and too hard to pass up.

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  1. i keep meaning to try this place. bogo is a pretty good hh deal.

    1. Correction - the buy one get one free is at lunch and on Sundays. They have happy hour drink specials.