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May 7, 2013 07:36 PM

Mother's Day - thoughts on places close to Buckingham Fountain

Hi -

I am visiting the Chicago area and we are going to take mom to Buckingham Fountain (has new fountain sprays, and music and light show after dusk). I am making a nice strata and spinach salad for meal at home - but want to have another stop in the 'outing' - and close to Millenium Park/ Navy Pier/ and the Fountain. Again - I am not from here, but little brother lives here in the burbs (he is a little familiar with downtown). And I have been cooking and feeding mom too much while I have been here - so we just want something small or novel (no big desserts or anything spendy). It will be me, mom, dad and 2 younger brothers in their 20s. THANK YOU!

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  1. Good places in that area include:

    Pizano's on Madison for deep-dish pizza -

    tesori, for Italian -

    Mercat a la Planxa, for tapas -

    Gage, a gastropub -

    Henri, a French bistro -

    Park Grill, for American fare -

    Heaven on Seven on Wabash, for Cajun/creole -

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      Not sure if Heaven on Seven will be open, but it IS cash only.

        1. re: blythe

          Eleven City Diner, while not the best example of local delis (then again, we don't have "best" examples of delis in Chicago) is a nice non-trendy option. Just a tad South (about 3/4 of a mile from the Fountain).

          Yolk, a breakfast and sandwich spot is also good, but they close mid-afternoon. Bongo Room would be great but the waits can be long.

        2. re: delk

          Sorry, my error (and thanks for the catch!). Heaven on Seven's location on Wabash is not open on Sundays.