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May 7, 2013 07:01 PM

Chicago ballpark double header


My friend and I will be heading to Chicago the weekend of June 7-9 to see a White Sox game (Friday night) and a Cubs game (Saturday afternoon) (huge baseball fans - on a side note, we are trying to visit all 30 MLB ballparks) :).

That being said - any suggestions for places around Cellular One field (White Sox, I believe?) for before Friday's game (our flight lands around noon on Friday) - and also any suggestions for before the 3:00-ish game @ Wrigley, and after for dinner, would be greatly appreciated.

We are staying at the Hyatt Regency McCormick - so it's only a few miles from the White Sox ballpark.

Looking at earlier postings, I am thinking this so far:

1. (Before White clue...please help...:) )
2. Brunch before Wrigley - maybe Jam or Bongo Room? How busy do these places get - should my friend and I try to get there when they open, or if not, do the lines move fast?
3. After Wrigley - not sure. I have been to Chicago so I know at some point my friend and I will be getting Garrett's popcorn (love). I am trying to keep this sort of on a budget, so nothing like Alinea (sp?) price tag, so to speak. Default for me would be pizza, but I have had that many times.

Thank you in advance. So excited to be heading to Chicago - these two will be ballparks #7 and #8. Fun fun fun :)

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  1. Good job on your plan - it's unusual to find a weekend when both teams are at home!

    Dinner before the White Sox - Han 202 is a moderately-priced BYOB serving Chinese/French food.

    Brunch before Wrigley - Southport Grocery is a 5-10 minute walk from the ballpark, with great food, such as bread pudding pancakes, adult pop tarts, etc. If you prefer Bongo Room, the Andersonville location would enable you to take the #22 Clark St bus south two miles to the ballpark. Like all of our best breakfast/brunch focused restaurants, both are busy on weekends, with typical waits of 30-60 minutes between 9:30 and 1:30.

    Dinner after Wrigley - Deleece on Southport is also a 5-10 minute walk from the ballpark, with great contemporary American food, at very reasonable prices. Or, head north two miles into Andersonville on the #22 Clark St bus to Anteprima for Italian food, also at very reasonable prices.

    1. Pleasant House before the Sox

      You can go next door to Maria's Packaged Goods (great beer list!) and Pleasant House will walk your order over.

      Maria's site appears down but here is a review