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May 7, 2013 06:52 PM

Sushi Mizutani vs. Sushiso Masa

Due to scheduling issues, we are only able to make it to one of Sushi Muzutani or Sushiso Masa. I'm looking on input as to which one to choose.

Thanks in advance for your advice!!

On a side note, our hotel concierge keeps calling Sushiso Masa "Sushisyo Masa" - is this the same restaurant?

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  1. Yes, sushi Sho Masa refered to as sushi Syo Masa is the same, is the transcription form Hiragana monosyllab. If you succeed to book at sushi Sukiyabahsi Jiro, you will realise that sushi Mizutani is almost identital menu, pieces... So, go for sushi Sho Masa, the the sushi sho style is alternance of nigiri/tsumami, it goes well with drinks.