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May 7, 2013 06:38 PM

Subbing bananas for butter in a cake?

I've been given a Williams Sonoma chocolate cake mix, that wants me to add 12 oz of butter. This seems excessive, and will kill my diet. I want to substitute banana for half the fat, but cannot find a reputable source that OK's it (Livestrong is the main source).

What do you think? Will it dry it out, or will it be OK? Anyone done this?


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  1. Weight watchers advises you can use applesauce to reduce the fact in a recipe.

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    1. I sub bananas and applesauce for fats all the time in recipes. It really depends on the recipe though....12 oz is a lot of fat. Can you live with half butter, half banana?

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      1. re: sedimental

        I've done prune puree too. Nice moist texture.

        1. re: Miri1

          Yeah. I quit using them Years ago when I went low carb. Way too many calories and carbs/sugar per cup...and I always tasted "prunes" ;)

      2. Not so much dry, but wetter. If you are up for a little sleuthing, compare the fat/calories between butter and avocado or light mayo. Mayo is used in a number of cake recipes.

        I use full or 2% fat Greek yogurt in place of some or all of the fat in some biscuits and quickbreads.

        1. WIlton also mentions bananas.

          I have no personal experience with bananas, but I've subbed out both the oil and the eggs in box cake mixes with pumpkin with GREAT results.

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          1. re: Kris in Beijing

            Great result: used half bananas instead of butter. Still moist and uber rich, with a nice background banana taste. Thanks for the discussion, everybody

          2. I've used non-fat greek yogurt in place of oil or butter to great results. I find the best results come from equal parts applesauce and greek yogurt.