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Fancy Smoothie Place

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I'm looking for a fancy smoothie place in Boston - something similar to Planet Raw in LA (http://www.planetraw.com/drink-specials). Not just Jamba Juice/Smoothie Kind - a place that would have kale and interesting (possible trendy, you could say) ingredients and add-ons! This is for a smoothie-lover's birthday. Thanks!

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  1. http://www.juicebarboston.com/

    Enjoy! And report back. It looks interesting to me, but I haven't been yet.

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      This looks awesome! I'll let you know :)

    2. Life Alive in Central Square would fit the bill. They have more than a dozen varieties and I know they have some with kale.

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          I walked in last week on a Saturday and they were pretty busy. I ordered a Lust Alive smoothie. It was great! A little thick and more ginger than I'd like, but it was really something. Try it out. Only a block away from the Red Line.

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            +1 to Life Alive - it's usually pretty crowded, but it's for a great reason and they're quick.

            The food is delicious, too!

      1. More crunchy-granola than trendy, but Blue Shirt in Davis has excellent juices.