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May 7, 2013 05:44 PM

Any places with Luxardo Maraschino?

I can't find Luxardo Maraschino anywhere in the Valley. Not even at BevMo or Total Wine megamarts. The only maraschino liqueur I could find is Cristiani. So this becomes two questions:

(1) has anyone found Luxardo in the Phoenix area?

(2) does anyone have experience with Christiani maraschino and recommend it as a good alternative?

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  1. I buy the Luxardo product at Sportman's (SE corner of Camelback & 32nd St), but they do occasionally run out. On one of those occasions when Sportsman's was out, I went to the nearest AJ's (Camelback & 44th St) where the wine and spirits guy told me it was something they normally carried (they were also out of it at the time).

    1. I had a hard time finding it too, but ended up getting it at my local North Phoenix Bevmo after the manager from the Chandler location brought up a few bottles. They called around and were very helpful - I'd suggest asking if they can get some for you.

      1. I got mine at Bevmo in Tempe Marketplace, but it is pretty available in the area, I agree with Rubee and Hohokam, Sportsman is great, and they are very knowledgeable there, and AJ's on 44th has a good selection

        Total Wine is worth a shot aslo, a quick look online will tell you if any of the stores have it in stock for Bevmo or Total Wine without having to pick up the phone