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Are you making a specialty food?

Tivoli & Lee, Peche, Kingfish, Annunciation

N.O.Food May 7, 2013 05:12 PM

Last week, we tried all four of the aforementioned places and I'll do a quick review of each.

Tivoli & Lee was my fav of the bunch as far as food an drink. Cocktails were outstanding as was the food. Quiet spot for dinner, and believe it or not, it's easy to access. Free valet or just hop off the streetcar at Lee Circle. Highly recommend. Bellocq is next door if you need more to drink.

Peche is basically Donald Link's version of Borgne: gulf-coast-seafood-centric, country-ish food. Everything we had was quite tasty but nothing really wowed. Would definitely return though. Had some good cocktails at the bar. Nice space. Loud and crowded.

Kingfish was pretty-much a disappointment considering how much I loved Gabrielle. Food was uninspired all around. Nothing bad, but nothing good. Would only go back for McMillan's drinks. Really nice, big bar headed up by the cocktail aficionado. But the food was truly lacking.

We liked Annunciation a lot. It's been there a while but it was our first time in. Like Peche, nothing blew us away, but everything was solid. Both food and drinks were quite good. Space is nice, too.

In a nutshell, I'd go back to any of these but Kingfish. Sadly, I'd only go there to have a drink and a snack at the bar.