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May 7, 2013 04:43 PM

Rasika in D.C.: the best Indian meal I've ever had

I sat at the bar and ordered the Four Course Tasting Menu-- the vegetarian option sounded most interesting. All in all, the meal was outstanding.

The first course, flash fried spinach had elements of warm lentil, cold scattered tomato, crispy spinach, creamy yogurt, mild and spicy in one dish - savor it. Then came an eggplant mini tower with spiced potatoes, chopped peanuts in a tamarind sauce with cilantro on top. Third was a collection: wonderful smoked butternut squash, dry French cut okra with sour mango powder-- a great surprise-- and undistinguished lentils. A minted paratha bread was ordinary in comparison, but well made. The only failure, minor as it was: overcooked, non-basmati rice.

Finally, the dessert had gulabjamon and cardamo ice cream. I've had sickly sweet gulabjamon with too many Indian meals, but this tasted like treacle pudding made by a discerning Indian chef. And the ice cream was a treat too.

Without drinks, this meal was only $50, served by a friendly bartender who knew all the ingredients and seemed to share in my pleasure.

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  1. Glad you liked it. Rasika isn't just one of the best Indian restaurants in town (in the country?) but one of the best restaurants period!

    You got me excited for my meal there next Monday.