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May 7, 2013 04:34 PM

Hits and Misses

But mostly "Misses" :(
Is there such a thread on Chowhound?

Not looking for advice so much as a place to hang my head and commiserate.

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  1. You may want to tighten up the topic, hits and misses of what?

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    1. re: treb

      Looking for "home cooking gone awry" in general.

      Today I made a pasta casserole kinda thing and it was just "off". I am bummed and did a google search for such a thread, Hard to believe that I am the only home-cook who has had this experience.

      Just wondering if any other chow-folks had made a dish for family/friends(not a party or special occasion) and had said dish come out less-tasty-than-expected.

      What do the Chow-folk do? Toss it? Add stuff and try to "fix it"?
      Whip up a fritatta?
      FWI mine is a basic white bean/pasta bake.

      1. re: pedalfaster

        I guess when most folks have a miss and they want some feedback they post a specific thread.

        What is the the recipe for the bake? Was it off because it lacked flavour? If so you could just serve it as leftovers but amp up the seasoning when you re-heat it.

        I think when it comes to kitchen flops it's best to pick yourself up and try again. I really can't remember any of the dishes I found to be failures. I do however remember the attempt at truffles I made last mothers day for my MIL. They never hardened properly and so she never got them, I think it came down to the chocolate I used being a poor choice.

    2. I tried to make a chicken curry, and thought I'd use yogurt in the place of heavy cream, like I often do. It just curdled and got really nasty. So I took the chicken that I hadn't added yet, and made a sauce from mayo and sriracha and mixed it in with the white rice... that was bad too.

      I think we ate sandwiches that night.

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      1. re: juliejulez

        I tend to use yogurt in place of cream, although it always curdles just a tiny bit, but not enough to really be noticeable in the taste or texture.

        1. re: Musie

          Yeah this was really bad... not good. I do it often and I usually have pretty good luck with it. My only guess is the sauce I was adding the yogurt too was too hot.

      2. I've been there. On Sunday to be exact.

        I made Chow's recipe for green garlic aioli to eat with the artichokes from my garden. I'd never made mayo or aioli before. It was a hit because it worked - all those ingredients turned into a white creamy substance. It was a miss because the recipe calls for too much salt!

        Last night we had more artichokes so I cut the salty stuff with Best Foods. My daughter loved it.

        1. Been there, many times. SO and I love chicken cordon bleu and used to have it every Saturday night. A few months ago, I overbaked the chicken breasts so badly that they were inedible and then the week later, I guess with my fear of shoe leather I took them out too soon and we gnawed on raw chicken for a good 5 minutes before we both realized that that "odd texture" was completely raw chicken breast which was then thrown into the microwave to create an even bigger mess. Even the best of cooks, make mistakes and have dish failures. It's easy to get knocked off your rocker, but I find it's best to perhaps make something that you are very familiar with to give you some confidence back and then dive in and tackle that dish again.

          1. Good grief - I "miss" a lot. I cook for myself, so sometimes I eat it & sometimes, if it's really awful, I throw it out & have cereal for dinner. SO humbling.

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            1. re: THewat

              My go-to is an omelet, soothes the soul every time.