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May 7, 2013 04:09 PM

Special reco for NYC dinner?

Looking for non-french resto to spend a $500 voucher for 2. We have just moved after 10 years in London and Paris, enjoyed all of the stars in Paris immensely, so would stay away from traditional French. We love seafood, and everything actually! Enjoy tasting menus as well. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Consider the 10-course tasting menu at Kyo Ya.

    1. Masa, but one of you will have to pay your own way ...

      1. The one thing with tasting menus is that when dining with a partner, as long as you're ordering different thing for each course, you could very well wind up with the same number of different dishes - i.e. an eight course tasting is basically the same as two four-course prix fixes, only you get to customize your meal a bit more. And it can be about 2/3rd the price.

        Also, does the voucher have to be used at one restaurant? Or could you spend $250 at two different places? Are there any limits as to where you can use it (i.e. is it an Opentable voucher, only good at OT restos?)

        Will you be tipping with cash? Not sure how a voucher works with tipping. I'll include tax but leave out the tip from my calculations...

        First few coming to mind:

        Aquavit - tasting menu for two: $300 for eight courses, $480 with wine pairings. Four-course prix fixe for two: $185 - being Nordic, obvously, seafood plays a big part in what they do.

        Kyo Ya, like Pan suggested - about as un-French a meal as you'll have. I think the ten-course kaiseki is $150/pp now? So $325 give or take after tax. Ask them to pick out a couple extraordinary sakes to eat up the remaining $175

        Del Posto: the "Captain's Menu" would be about $360 for two. Unfortunately, the standard wine pairing is extraordinarily expensive ($155/pp!) with no more affordable option. The four-course prix fixe would be about $250, leaving you more wiggle room for wines, etc.

        Jungsik, TM for two: $340, with wine a little bit over $500.

        1. I did the tasting menu at Marea (modern Italian) and it was absolutely divine. Not cheap, but so worth it. Their signature octopus, bone marrow fusilli is to die for.

          1. I second Kyo Ya. Jungsik would be another good choice.
            Marea i also second. Le Bernadin sounds French but it is seafood and if you love seafood, that would be the logical choice. Wolfgang for a good steak dinner. 15 East omakase with a good sake would be an excellent choice and probably be close to what your voucher is worth. Brushstroke has a good tasting menu and with a good wine you will be close to the amount. Wallse has excellent Austrian food, but it won't be $500 for 2. So my idea is that you invite me along to spend the balance :)

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              Le Bernardin doesn't just "sound" French... it IS French. Very, very French.