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What is the Porto's of West Los Angeles?

Man, who doesn't love Portos! I'm located in Culver City and have a dinner party coming up. I'd love to get a few trays of meat pies, potato balls, and some pastries but Porto's is a bit out of the way this time. Can anyone suggest another shop that might have the meat pies, potato balls, croquettes, etc. at a reasonable price like Portos but hopefully closer to Culver/West LA?

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          I've never seen anything like Cuban or South American pastries and goodies at eithe huckleberry or M&O...... They are way too trendy for something that traditional....

          Perhaps call Vienna Pastry? They are European, but at least they are old school. http://www.viennapastry.com/

          Or even better, have you called Empanadas Place in CC? http://www.empanadasplace.com/home.html

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            +1 on the first paragraph.

            I don't know if eastern Sherman Oaks is that much better than Burbank/Glendale, but Natas (Portugues) might have what you need:


    1. They do have a location in Downey, albeit also out of the way from CC, but trying to get to Glendale or Burbank might be more difficult, depending on day and time.
      Their prices and quality cannot be beaten.

      1. Grand Casino on Main St in Culver City has baked empanadas and pastries. They're Argentinian - not Cuban - so expect differences.

          1. Whole Foods El Segundo has empanadas, 10 for $20.

            1. You can find Papa Rellenas and other Croquettes at Venice Bakery and I think they can be better than Portos with one caveat: They have to be served fresh. Since they don't have the turnover of Portos some of their goods tend to hang on the shelf too long. I've had ones there which were hot and crispy, but that is not the norm. Going there, however, will save you a trip to Glendale Burbank or Downey

              Venice Bakery
              10943 Venice Blvd,[next to Bigfoot West]
              Los Angeles, CA 90034
              (310) 839-3478

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                I was going to rec Venice Bakery but I haven't been in years. I also experienced what you warn about - really tired yucca and croquettes.

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                  I guess I've had the slightly less than fresh experience from Venice Bakery too. Maybe if you could make a decent sized order they'd whip it up fresh for you. I think I vaguely recall the family is Cuban or has some Cuban roots too. One other thing. When you google "venice bakery," another place with the same name in El Segundo shows up. I don't believe the two places are related.

              2. La monarca bakery on Wilshire in santa Monica might have some of what you're looking for.

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                  La Monarca is very good but the only thing they have close to Porto's is the guava pastries. Mostly pan dulce.

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                    They are good but I was under ths impression they focus on sweets and not savory. I don't think I've seen croquettes etc there but I'll check soon.

                  2. Lonzo's bakery on Washington just west of Overland has a whole Peruvian menu that includes papas rellenas (which are fried balls of potato and meat). I don't know how they compare to portos, but I thought they were pretty good.
                    They also serve empanadas

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                      Thanks for the info. I've gone by in the past and saw very little selection so I kept going. Now I know to inquire.