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May 7, 2013 12:45 PM

Lantic Raw Sugar Cubes

Does anyone know where I can buy Lantic Raw Sugar cubes in the GTA? I need them for cocktails. I'm in the Bayview and Eglinton area, but anything downtown or in the Yonge St corridor is fine as well. I've done a cursory check of a few grocery stores, but no luck so far.


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  1. will try one more time - does anyone know where to source raw sugar cubes?

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    1. re: Foodie Canuck

      Not sure if I can be of any use to you because I live in Ottawa... But most of the stores in Chinatown here carries those Lantic raw sugar cubes.

      Would it be too out of your way to head over to Dundas and Spadina? Maybe Lucky Moose has them or one of the stores around there...

      1. re: Foodie Canuck

        Cedar brand raw sugar cubes are available at Food Basics in the East York Town Centre, mere minutes from Bayview & Eglinton.

        1. re: taterbrandy

          Saw the "Cedar" cubes this a.m. at Marche Adonis in Mississauga but don't recall whether they're "natural"(?) or just brown sugar cubes.

          "Cedar" brand products are everywhere.

      2. shot off a quick email to lantic about this item, here is the reply i got, contact them for more info.

        You can find them at Gordon Food Service & Sysco Dist.

        Thnx & enjoy the rest of the day !

        Lora Simoncig

        Customer Service Team Leader

        Téléphone/Phone : 514-527-8686 #3358

        Télécopieur/Fax : 1-888-526-8423

        Lantic Inc.