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May 7, 2013 12:44 PM

Recipes using ramps

I'm looking for recipes that use ramps (aka wild leeks) in them. I don't need leek and potato soup because I already know that one :-P. I have an abundance of ramps since they grow all over my in-laws land and so i want to use them!

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  1. Cornbread with carmelized ramps.
    Ramp Pizza.
    Ramp quiche.
    Roasted ramps with sauteed mushrooms.

    1. Well not so much of a recipe, but this is how I made a handful of them the other night. Sauteed chopped ramps in olive oil with a lot of fresh spinach. I added a small pinch of sour salt. I then added that to a mayo sandwich in a fresh pita. It was like a really good spinach pie.

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      1. Melissa Clarke's chicken and ramps in the New York times last year YUM!

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            Yes, that's the one. I add more garlic and then rub it into mashed potatoes. I have made this 3 times and it has been wonderful every time. A cast iron frying pan helps. I have a very large one but have made it in a smaller one as well.

        1. My favorite prep is to make an Eggs Benedict variant. You saute the ramps gently in butter, place 'em on toasted English muffin halves, and top with a poached egg. Hollandaise is optional, but quite good.

          I also agree with waking1 that they're great on a pizza or in a quiche. I gotta try the cornbread idea soon, though.

          1. I like them pickled. I use this recipe, although I cut the sugar back to 1/4 cup:

            They make a fine risotto. I also make ramp butter, which I can freeze to extend the season. It's wonderful on steak later in the summer.