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May 7, 2013 12:12 PM

Hot Pot?

Hi! Recent Seattle transplant (formerly a DC 'hound) and am interested in recommendations for Hot Pot. We have enjoyed Little Sheep in Bellevue, but I find myself wondering if there is something better out there. We love Little Sheep's spicy broth and enjoy the big selection of options for both the adventurous and not so adventurous. Any recommendations of other places we should try that may top Little Sheep?

(p.s. I've read about Shabu Shabu, but it seems to only be open on the weekends and we often do hot pot on Wed/Thur when we have a babysitter ...)

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  1. Not necessarily better, but another one to try is Boiling Point.

    1. You're not missing much with Shabu Shabu. It's kind of fun to have your own individual hot pot, but beyond that it's nothing special.

      1. I'm not sure there's much better than Little Sheep, but there are one's I like better (for convenience, and other reasons).

        My favorites (and reasons why) are:
        1) Gourmet Noodle Bowl (high quality meats)
        2) Hong Kong Bistro (open late, huge variety of 'variety' meats and everything else)
        3) Sichuanese Cuisine (because I love everything there)

        On the eastside, Spicy Talk Bistro isn't bad.

        Also, there's there real Little Sheep Hot Pot (on 156th) and the Little Hot Pot fake-Little Sheep imitator behind Crossroads mall. I didn't mind the fake, but the real one is better--it's the fanciest setting of any of these.

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          You know what i randomly like about Hong Kong bistro? They give you little paper slips to order what you like for the hot pot. While I'm not shy about asking for more meat/tofu/bamboo shoot/etc, it's nice to have a complete list to pick from.

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            Agreed! Also you get exactly what you want and none of what you don't because you can check them all off.

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            Sichuanese Cuisine in Redmond and the Seattle ID has a great hot pot. I am not a hot pot-ologist, but I thought it was stellar. But honestly, I just go there for the dry cooked long beans. So if you get the hot pot and you are bummed, just order those and you'll feel better.

            1. re: dkcaudill

              Just went to the ID location on saturday with a crowd. Everything was lovely. I don't get to go often enough -- my partner likes it well enough, but doesn't want Chinese very often. And we definitely prefer to go with a crowd, so we can sample more dishes.

          3. Thanks for the recommendations! We look forward to checking them out!

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              Revel in Fremont often has hotpot but it is not always on the menu.