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May 7, 2013 12:11 PM


How are the portion sizes? Is one of the prix fixe preferable to another? Thanks

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  1. I ate there a couple months ago. I had the Signature Tasting Menu, so the portions were smaller, but was decently full afterwards (at the point where I'm satisfied, but if you were to put an In-N-Out burger in front of me, I'd eat it).

    Make sure one person orders the Foie Gras Brulee as their app. It's very rich and you might not want all of it, so it's good for one person to do the upgrade with the other just orders a lighter salad and then sharing.

    The only impressive entree was the Iberico Pork Loin. Nothing else really stood out entree-wise.

    And for dessert, make sure you get the Gianduja Pave. It was probably the most exciting thing I had that evening.

    Service was a weak spot for me that evening. We had a prime table near the center of the room, but didn't get much attention throughout the meal.

    As a whole, the dinner was good. But it definitely wasn't something super memorable. I might have just gone on an off day, but I felt like every dish either had too much of something or was missing something. The main entrees were the least impressive (except for that amazing Iberico pork dish). If you can spend a little more, I'd go for Le Cirque instead.

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      Agree with you completely. Had a too big lunch the day I went (about 6 weeks ago) so I chose the shorter tasting menu. Annoyed with the hostess who tried to seat me in the bar room even though my reservation was made at least 2 months prior. Food was good (not stellar) except for the foie gras brulee that was wonderful. Ate about 1/2 of each dish. Definitely would choose Le Cirque over Sage if it's in the budget.

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        that's interesting ellenost -- when i last went there, in 2012, they tried to sit my party of 5 in the bar for dinner even tho the main dining room was empty.

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          We were taken straight to the dining room, but it was as if the hostess did not have a predetermined table for us. She walked us around as she looked around and finally gave us a table in the center of the room. We almost walked a full circle around the dining room. She either didn't look at the computer before taking us back or she suddenly forgot her table numbers.

          The waitress then asked for drink orders. I asked if they did a non-alcoholic drink pairing with the Signature Tasting Menu. I guess nobody has ever asked for this before, so she said she'd ask the bartender. "The bar can definitely make you a non-alcoholic drink though. I'll go ask and be right back". She came back almost 10 minutes later saying a non-alcoholic tasting could not be done and then set down this drink they had made for me. I hadn't ordered or approved any drink choice. It tasted like cough syrup diluted in water and cost me $12.

          Oh, I had the "Pig Head Terrine" as well. And it was one of the best dishes of the evening. It was the only non-dessert dish to have some depth of flavor, some texture contrast, and some much needed acidity. Would you agree that most of the dishes lacked depth? It all seemed very one-note to me.

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            I would agree. The food was fine, and the menu was interesting enough, but rather a forgettable meal. And the service was wonky. I went when they first opened; I thought things would have improved by now. . . .

      2. Unfortunately had a very similar experience regarding the food and service.

        1. a few weeks ago I went here, to l'atelier, and le cirque. This was my 2nd favorite. Service was mediocore to poor. I had no complaints with any of the food. the only dish that really stood out was the foie brulee. would definitely return for the food.

          le cirque was #1, service was amazing and food was as usual excellent. my regret was not getting the grand marnier souffle but all of the deserts I've tried there have been good.

          1. We had the chefs tasting menu last night, about seven courses. Portions are not big but we all left very full and satisfied ( I'm a big man - 6'5" and hate skimpy food). Food and service were excellent, as was the wine pairing. The room is also comfortable and beautiful. I've been a few times now and just love the place.

            1. This is helpful. I'm looking for a not-to-be-missed Vegas restaurant and this one gets mentioned a lot. Sounds like we can take a pass. Thank you all.

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                Definitely go to Le Cirque instead. It's $135, so not absurdly more than Sage (especially factoring in the supplement you'd have to pay for the foie gras brulee). You could even do the early evening dinner menu at Le Cirque for $79.

                If you can go higher, for $190, you can to go to "e by jose andres", the secret restaurant within Jaleo at Cosmo. Eight seats, three chefs, two wait staff, ~25 small tasting portions, and techniques/ingredients/flavor combos that will make it a meal to remember.

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                  there was no additional charge for the foie gras brulee and the portion was good sized.

                  1. re: rednyellow

                    When I went a few years ago, there also was no charge for an overly generous portion of foie gras brulee. However, the online menu (with a creation date of March 29, 2013) now specifies a $10 supplementary charge. Perhaps things have changed?

                    1. re: Larry

                      The seven-course Chef's Tasting Menu has the foie gras brulee included as a course. All the other menus have the option to choose the brulee for a $10 supplement.