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May 7, 2013 12:10 PM

kosher picante sauce

Now that Pace Picante Sauce is no longer certified kosher, I have had a hard time finding kosher picante sauce. Any recommendations? I am not looking for salsa or taco sauce (yes, there is a difference), and we do like it hot.


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  1. I may be wrong but I think "picante sauce" is just pureed salsa. So, you could just find "restaurant style" salsa, which is similar, or you could buy any salsa you like and throw it in the blender.

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      Yes, that is the main difference and I suppose we could do that. I was just hoping to find it already as picante sauce.

    2. Walmart's store brand picante sauce is kosher

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        Many of the store brands (Roundy's, Albertson's, Safeway) are OU certified.

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          I was also going to suggest checking out Walmart or Target. I think their store brands of salsa are imitations of Pace or other major brands, and maybe they have picante sauce that would be similar enough for you.

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            Thanks for the advice to check out Walmart, i will!

          2. there is something called piri piri extra hot that we buy at our local kosher market. it was very good, and hot.

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              I managed to get to Walmart today. I didnt' see a "Walmart" brand, but did find kosher picante sauce. Van De Walle Farms All Natural PIcante Sauce - Hot". It is OU. I have seen this brand at Kroger, but all they have is "Mild". Well, we shall see just how hot it is. :-) But at least I found something. Thanks to all who made suggestions.

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                If you like something hotter than mild, and milder than hot, you can buy one of each, and mix them. I often do this with salsa.

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                  Nah, hot is what we want. Not mild. No medium. Hot. The hotter the better. :-)

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                    Oh, OK. Well, if all you can get is mild, you can always add some cayenne or a Tabasco-type sauce to it.

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                  Walmarts private label is branded "Great Value"