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May 7, 2013 12:10 PM

Have you been to Nixtamal lately?

I thought I'd start this because it doesn't get mentioned much lately and the last few things I read here were about how it wasn't as good.
Well, I went a couple of weeks ago and it was great!

They've really expanded the menu in addition to a change in decor. There are a lot more taco options now.

They had tiny crab tostadas as a special that were sweet, spicy, and refreshing. Really tasty!
The fish tacos are now made with skate, which I love. The fish was crisp, moist, and flavorful. The carnitas were fatty and crisp, and the skirt steak taco had nicely charred tender steak.
The only thing that wasn't quite as great, but still very tasty, was a chicken tostada, which needed a bit more salt and I thought could use a little less cheese.

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  1. Aaaaah, I love Nixtamal!! Making me hungry :)

    1. Pretty sure the fish tacos were always made with skate. But yes, the restaurant is as good as ever and the finished decor is a nice touch.

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      1. re: Greg

        I seem to remember snapper or some other type of fish, but definitely not skate.

        1. re: Greg

          When I first visited, in 2009, those tacos were made with skate. I don't know if they've ever substituted a different fish since.

          Dave Cook

        2. Updating this thread: we recently went to Nixtamal for dinner. The food was excellent. Very good guacamole and excellent chips (which makes sense....). Excellent red and green salsas on the table. Tamales are outstanding. And large. Very good tacos, enchiladas mole. Sopas too are well done. Service was very friendly, on the ball. Its a great spot.

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            Love Nixtamal, it's really a gem, but my one quibble is that service is really sloooooow

          2. We got to Nixtamal at about 6 p.m. on a weekend, maybe a few minutes before. There were a few open tables when we arrived, a small line for tables when we left. When we arrived I am pretty sure that everyone there was Hispanic.

            It may be because we arrived early but service was quick, on the ball. It was under five minutes before the guacamole and tamales hit the table. And the enchiladas, tacos came maybe five minutes later. At that time they still had some tortillas made earlier in the day for sale, often they sell out. I asked and they told me that the tortilla machine stops churning out tortillas at around 8 or 9 in the morning. On our next visit we will pick up a container of their mole sauce to go. In that regard, the chipotle and mole tamales were both delicious. The chipotle as good as the mole.

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            1. re: comiendosiempre

              I usually only go to Nixtamal at off hours (late lunch or early dinner) and have never had a problem with the service. I only go 2 or 3 times a year but have not yet found a dish I wouldn't order again.
              But a word of warning -- during the US Open they seem to be busier than usual so a wait for a table and slower service might be expected.

              1. re: el jefe

                I usually go to Nixtamal at off hours no wait good service and fine food, but I was there for the South Africa world cup broadcast on a sunny hot day. A peak crowd blast, three + hours of cheering, drinking, and eating. Service was suitably slow that day.

            2. Has anyone else noticed the guacamole portion getting smaller and smaller over the years, and the chips surrounding it, more and more numerous. There's enough guacamole for one little thimble dab on each chip.