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May 7, 2013 11:45 AM

66 Gilead Distillers - Prince Edward County - Gin, Pine Vodka and Shochu,etc

Anyone tried their stuff? I am curious about the shochu in particular but they mention that their Canadian Pine Vodka and Loyalist Gin are/were available at the LCBO.
Anyone been to the distillery?

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  1. If you can't get your hands on a bottle of Pine Vodka then take a swig of turpentine. Pretty much the same. Seems the Dukes of Hazzard have relocated to Prince Edward County and brought their moonshine with them.

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    1. re: GullyJaye

      Ha, that made me laugh. I see my local LCBO has a few bottles of the vodka. I was considering getting one until I checked back here.

    2. I will hopefully head over this weekend and get a bottle of the Shochu and report back. I only live 20 minutes away so I should be able to get over for some.

      1. So, answering my own thread (but looking forward to other posts including by Smokinator if he grabs a bottle this weekend), I walked into Summerhill LCBO today and I saw they had the Loyalist Gin with a sign saying it was available in the tasting room. Tried a sample for a very reasonable 75 cents. Thought it was pretty good. I was in a bit of a rush so didn't get a chance to savour it or compare it to anything else at the time but I would say it is worth a try at least!

        1. Worst. Gin. Ever.

          First time I've ever had to dump my G&T down the drain.

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          1. re: boredorhungry

            Wow, were we drinking the same gin? I thought it was really good; it's remarkably smooth.

            1. re: AverageJo

              I think everyone has different opinions when it comes to gin. My favourite gins include:

              Victoria Gin
              Tanqueray No 10
              Gin Mare

              I'm really looking forward to trying the Gilead gin as well as Dillon's unfiltered gin.

              1. re: mrsleny

                I'd save your money and buy another bottle of our common favourites (Hendricks and T10). This is beyond a difference in taste opinion, it is objectively terrible.

                Tastes creamy, but the bad kind - like drinking soapy water that's been sitting around behind the radiator for months. Perhaps I got a "bad batch", no one would make something that tastes this bad on purpose.

                Tried to pair with different tonics, (including homemade), limes, lemons, cucumber, mint. there is no fixing this swill. If you do buy, lower your expectations and maybe you won't be disappointed.

                1. re: boredorhungry

                  Thanks for the tip.

                  Have you tried Dillon's yet?

                  1. re: mrsleny

                    Not yet, nor Gin Mare, but based on our 50% overlap in tastes, I will. Hendricks is my favourite by a mile. I brought back some Oxley from a recent UK trip, and it is okay but not as crisp as Hendricks.

                    What about these other Canadian gins? I want some reviews before blowing another $45 on a bottle...

                    1. re: boredorhungry

                      Victoria Gin is Canadian and very good.

          2. Hey. You guys have my attention. What is the verdict(s).