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May 7, 2013 10:59 AM

Trois Mec Report

Folks can spend their time applauding or griping all they want about the pre-pay policy, FWIW -it makes sense to me for such a small place.

The food was great. kevineats meal was similar to ours with some variations I will touch on below.

Amuse 2 was a Clam Flan and Amuse 3 was a escargot in a lovely green sauce.
That buckwheat popcorn is amazing.
The first dish was chicken thighs in a wonderful broth with a smear of chicken liver on the side of the bowl - earthy and delicious.

The whole meal was a treat. Cannot wait to go back.

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  1. thanks for the report!

    1. Did you wait at your computer until 8am on Friday to get a ticket? I think I tried at 8:30 last Friday and they were out already (obviously).

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      1. re: chrishei

        A friend did it, Chris. Not sure what his procedure was.

        1. re: Ciao Bob

          Thanks for the report though Bob. Looks/sounds like a more refined/restrained LudoBites.

      2. This is dinner as theatre. It makes sense to have a no refund policy, Even if the place was larger, it would still make sense. I hope over time, it will become easier to get a reservation/ticket.
        When Bouchon opened, it was impossible to get a reservation. Currently, it's still tough to reserve the exact time you want, but reservations are available and the food is still as good as ever.

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        1. re: cujo

          I guess this has been discussed before, but what exactly makes this "dinner as theatre"? How is it dinner as theatre any more than some other high quality places like Urasawa?? I love Ludo's skills but question how unique they are to rationalize a new landscape.
          To me that's just an assertion to rationalize their unique protection of their bottom line. A patron might hope that in doing so, avoided inefficiencies might be passed along via a lower price, but there's no proof of that. It also does not seem that this policy has made it much easier for any individual to get in.
          I think there's little rationale for their no-corkage policy as well, other than profit. Not that all of that is not their right.

          1. re: john gonzales

            "How is it dinner as theatre any more than some other high quality places like Urasawa??"

            It's not, it's pretty much the exact same thing, except one chef is a business genius and sells us tickets to dinner

            1. re: john gonzales

              The artistic presentation of each course, coupled with unusual combinations and use of ingredients, is entertaining and theatrical to many sophisticated diners.
              Some people consider Urasawa to be a theatrical experience, as well.

              1. re: cujo

                Wouldn't that make most mid-high end restaurants a theatrical experience? Red Medicine, Providence, Shunji, n/naka, Mori, etc. Not many top restaurants *not* artistically presenting dishes these days. And I dare say the presentations don't look nearly as artistic as the ones I listed.

                It's just justifying the ticket concept where the only justification needed is: because he can.

                1. re: Porthos

                  I cannot speak for you or anyone else. This is strictly my own opinion. There are a handful of restaurants in Los Angeles wtih menu items and presentations that are entertaining and theatrical.. Oh, and their food tastes fantastic.
                  The bottom line is this: If you don't like their concept, philosophy or way of conducting business, you make reservations at some other restaurant that you find more agreeable.

                  1. re: cujo

                    I do. :)

                    Stopped jumping through LudoHoops after GP1.

                    1. re: cujo

                      Sure. No one is saying that they HAVE to do business in any fashion, and we all obviously know that we can each just decide to go anywhere. But that doesn't need to preclude conversation on a restaurant discussion board.
                      You've stated that there are a "handful" of restaurants that are theatrical. I think one might even be able to enlarge Porthos' list of places using top ingredient combinations in artistic presentations, that match Trois Mec. The point is that they don't see that or other attributes as rationale for adopting a ticket system that is abnormal and more burdensome to diners. Likewise there are scant few restaurants in LA that do not allow wine collectors to bring in collectible wines, even if the corkage fee need be $30.
                      Those sort of things are done for THEIR benefit and actually I haven't even seen them publicly claim the "we are theatre" position. They can do as they wish, but for those of us that find it objectionable it serves a purpose to voice why we don't like particular policies and dine elsewhere. Not unlike commenting here about prices, service, or portion-size.

                      1. re: john gonzales

                        Of course this is the place for you to express your POV, good or bad about this restaurant. I have nothing further to say to you on this subject. Perhaps you can find someone else who wants to continue the discussion. Good luck.

            2. i would buy that buckwheat popcorn by the bucketful.