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May 7, 2013 10:45 AM

Best restaurant in Monterey Ca.

Hi all, I just got engaged so my fiance and I plan to escape the Tucson heat to visit central Ca and the Ca coast in June. Our first stop is Ojai where we plan to eat at "Suzannes". Then onto Cambria and we plan to eat at "The Sea Chest". Next stop, Big Sur, where we plan to camp and cook our own gourmet, healthy meals. We then plan to spend 2 nights in Monterrey. We have no idea where to eat dinner. We both love seafood and healthy cooking. We read some reviews of places but I decided to contact my fellow foodies at Chow who has never lead me wrong. We also both eat lots of veggies, salads, grains, whole grain breads, herbs. Can anyone recommend a great place in Monterrey that is not too expensive?

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