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May 7, 2013 10:14 AM

Early dinner between Andover and the South Shore?

The boy has a LAX game up in Andover mid afternoon on Sunday and we would like to find some place for an early dinner (5:30ish) on the way home the hiccup is that is Mothers Day. I called a few places we thought of and they either are doing something special for MD and/or are booked.

We are not looking for a typical Mother's Day meal. Nothing fancy, no buffet or set menu. The boy most likely will be dirty and we will be casual. Nothing directly in the city either. Nothing too expensive, any kind of food except Indian, preferably with a liquor license. We actually entertained the idea the Mount Vernon in Somerville for old time’s sake. We lived in Winter Hill in late 80’s but am thinking they might be too crowded.

So between Andover and Quincy where you go for good food but avoiding the MD crowd?

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  1. Please don't laugh....maybe Fudruckers in North Andover? I like it, they have beer and wine and good burgers and fries!

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    1. re: ParisLady

      I have not been to Fudruckers since they opened one in Peabody in the eighties.Had no idea they still existed!

      Actually would prefer someplace heading south. His game ends between 4-4:30 and we figured we would want to eat around 5:30sih. According to MapQuest it looks like we are in Andover but actually closer to Reading. I don't know the area at all.

      1. re: foodieX2

        There a Fuddruckers in Reading at the Jordans Furniture. If you're going to be coming down 93 S to 128 S(also known as 95S), it's 1 exit north up 128 N. which would be about a 3 minute detour. About 5 miles south on 93, right off exit 32 is the Burlington Mall heading South and all the chains are there...Cheesecake Factory, Ninety Nine, Legal Seafoods, etc. off exit 33 is Pappa Razzi...Italian. Recently, Bobby Flay opened a Burger Palace at that mall as well. I would think by that time, they wouldn't be as busy from MD. If you Google Burlington Mall and restaurants, it will list a lot of them.

        1. re: catsmeow

          Thanks for the time and attention, appreciate it. However my thoughts are those are exactly the places we wanted to avoid being that is MD. Maybe I am wrong but those big chains and a mall seems like major MD destinations.

          In any event we were hoping something different from a national or local chain. Or that matter in a eating in a furniture store. I got enough of Jordan last Sunday trying to buy a mattress, LOL Plus those places are a dime a dozen in our neck of the woods. Might as well hit the SSSP on the way home.

          Assume you are from around there? Our plan was to go 93 all the way. I thought the Burlington Mall was off of 95/128. Do you think going 95 is faster? Hate to go all the way around to get to RT 3 South Quincy/Cape. That's why we were thinking Somerville, Medford, Malden, even Dorchester/Milton. Maybe we need to rethink our travel plans.

          These travel sports teams are the bane of my existence. Its like once the kids hit double digits the coaches all want to be all over the place. We are traveling to Andover to play someone 2 towns over us. Ridiculous. If he didn't love it we would be out.

          1. re: foodieX2

            I'm not from that area but know it fairly well. I go both ways when heading to the SS. Going through Boston is probably a bit shorter. Mt Vernon might still be a good option because by that time, they might be a bit slower from MD. There's Amrheins in South Boston which is similar to Mt Vernon,, Picco in the South End has excellent pizza and ice cream and there's always Chinatown. Most of the other places I can think of aren't as casual. Yankee Lobster in the Seaport District has good lobster rolls, fried seafood, etc. It's counter service but there are tables both inside and outside. There's always the Clam Box at Wollaston Beach too.

            1. re: catsmeow

              Great ideas, thanks! Is the clam box open (or is it open year 'round these days?) If the weather is nice that could be fun.

              1. re: foodieX2

                The Clam Box has been open since the end of March.

            2. re: foodieX2

              If you're taking 93 through the city, then Somerville has lots of options. Redbones? Not sure how far off of 93 you'd want to travel.
              Chili Garden in Medford for Sichuan?
              Fuloon in Malden?

              1. re: justbeingpolite

                Now thats what I'm talking about. We don't mind go a little off the beaten path (as long as we are heading south) for good chow.

                Thank you!

      2. what about the greek corner, mass ave cambridge? not fancy, but usually solid food. might be MD busy, but might not.

        1. Forget Mt. Vernon, just up rte 125 in N. Andover there's Joe Fish, The Loft, Lobster Claw. All are good and very casual and would be least likely to be jammed for mother's day. Also on 125, Harrisons Roast Beef, The 99 and Bertucci's.