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May 7, 2013 08:15 AM

Best cold cuts in Montreal

I am looking for great cold cuts, roast beef, turkey, mortadella, prosciutto. I love the place in the atwater market but i find them quite expensive. I would like to find somewhere where the prices are more competitive. Any ideas?

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  1. La Vieille Europe is probably a lot cheaper

    1. Good quality-price ratio at Quebec Smoked Meat in the point.

      Their smoked meat is excellent, but they also make eastern-European style hams that are less-processed than supermarket types and are very fresh. Their turkey is also less processed then what you get at the supermarket.

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        Whenever Quebec Smoked Meat comes up, I always suggest including a visit to Wayne's Deli a block further east on the opposite side of the street. Its kind of nondescript, easy to miss.
        They do some of their own charcuterie (kielbasa and others).

      2. Boucherie Atlantique on CDN and Queen-Marie

        1. just wondering what makes a great cold cult?

          The products made with ? Bad Chemicals free ? antibiotic free ?

          Do healthier cold cuts exist ?

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            I guess I am looking for a variety of places. I hate supermarket ham, beef etc...with a weird gelatinous loaf texture. I am looking for a butcher that might roast or smoke their own meat and maybe another one that has organic cold cuts, just real meat.Maybe I am confusing cold cuts with cold meat?

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              try atlantique, slovenica, snowdon deli (

              1. re: catroast

                Thanks! I love atlantique meat market but I do find them expensive. They have the best ham in the city, IMO. Have always wanted to try is a good time. I think someone once talked about a cabbage pie/ fried dough of some sort.

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                Queue de Cochon has a nitrate-free ham, but I'm not certain if it's organic. It is truly nitrite/nitrate free so it doesn't have any celeri extract. You can expect it to go grey and not keep very well.

                Their jambon blanc is also very good and they have other great charcuterie.

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                  Joe at Fairmont Butcher does some very good charcuterie. The cold cuts are a mixed bag of house made and retail - ask them whats what.
                  He's strong on smoked pork products including various sausage, in-house bacon, and a Hungarian version of Lardo. They sell a ton of house made deep fried pork rinds - they're decadent. Also smoked pieces of ready-to-eat pork loin about the size of your fist: crispy skin exterior, nice layer of tasty streaky fat, and a slightly smoked meaty interior along the rib bones.
                  Once in a while he offers a stuffed pork cold cut loaf; he took the shell of a pork roast and stuffed it with a mix of emulsified meat, meat chunks, and chunks of pepper. It looks kinda like this
                  Never seeing it before, I asked Joseph if he always has it. He said no, he only makes it once in a while. Tastes great and quite different.
                  Its a few doors south of La Vielle Europe on St. Laurent so maybe you can try both places on one trip.

                  1. re: porker

                    Joe makes some product that few people know except by chance.I often ask Joe "what will we do when you die?"The last time I asked this I realized that by then know one will be alive asking for it.
                    So sad.

                    1. re: Lolaray

                      He has quite a repertoire.
                      Besides purchasing his regular retail, I often order specific items like hocks or a pig head or a pork belly or a whole rib roast, etc. He'd ask what I'm doing and we'd trade stories.
                      His business changed quite a bit over the last 50 years; items coming in and out of fashion, demand going up and down, so yeah, he could easily make stuff that he hasn't done in 20 years.
                      I'm not looking forward to his retirement. Whenever in the neighbourhood, I'll stop in even if only to say hi.

              3. You are going to have to pay for the good stuff, anything inexpensive will be factory mass produced chemical laden with a ton of ingredients.

                I'll repeat what others have said and add a few others;

                Queue de Cochon- Culatello, I think $60-80/kg. Bernoise ham is pretty good, I think only in the $20s/kg, you can find it at Fromagerie Hamel. Also try saveurs de Quebec, they have Charlevoix Bio cold cuts and other stuff. Balkani also has a nice garlic salami they make that one I believe is only $15/kg but I don't think they slice it, you have to buy a half or whole. A lot of the Eastern European stores make their own, does it make it any better? Not neccessarily but I'll taked that over the mass produced factory supermaket grub that I avoid at all costs.

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                1. re: JerkPork

                  Ham is not a cold cut in my world.

                  1. re: Lolaray

                    Really, what is it then and what is this world you live in? :)

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                      You are right and I'm sorry for being an alien.Once a week we would drive to Montreal and the Main and pick up cold cuts and rye bread from Arena bakery.Ham was always an option not a given in the spread.And do you remember the Arena bakery?