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May 7, 2013 07:54 AM

Silly cooking methods to save time and/or multii-task

Started the morning off with a nice breakfast of shower eggs, no I don't make them in the shower, but I do make them while I'm i the shower! I just throw a couple eggs into a small sauce pan, fill with water, place on medium high heat with no lid, then take my morning shower. When I get out (10-15 mins), I take the eggs off the heat, and rinse in cool water. Always come out perfect and just in time for a quick breakfast before work!

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  1. I boil eggs and steam veggies simultaneously with the same pot while posting on Chowhound. Does that count?

    1. I throw veggies into my pasta cooking water when making pasta salad and I throw frozen peas into the boiling water with couscous. Don't know if these constitutes "silly" but I look at as multitasking.

      1. I don't use my dishwasher and I don't have air conditioning.
        In summer, after cooking I put a pot of cold water on the turned-off burner of the ceramic cooktop, or in the oven if I've baked. The heat transfers into the water, which I then use to wash the dishes. But I don't consider that silly. It saves water and electricity, and I now do it year-round. In winter, I sometimes use a skillet and less water, to humidify the house.

        When making pasta, I turn off the burner once the water is boiling and I have added the pasta. Cover the pot, add a few minutes to the cooking time. No boiling over, less energy, perfect pasta. For more testimonials, see the old thread "Cooking pasta without continual boiling". I sometimes hard-cook eggs in the same pot with the steeping pasta.

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          Wow, very smart! I think I will try that dishwasher method. I have to wash the dishes daily due to sneaky critters, but it's only 2 of us and I hate to run the dishwasher that often.

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            When making pasta, ...

            My Mom did this back in the early '60's before they could afford 2 cars and Dad worked overtime. She would come home from work and attend to us crumb snatchers. Just before leaving to get Dad she would do as you describe, and when they got home it was done.

            BTW...back then, as far as we knew, there was no such thing as "pasta." There was only "spaghetti" or "macaroni" (the elbow kind).

          2. That is certainly one way, and I do that as well.

            I also prep foods while cooking. There is more stress because the preparation is time-sensitive, but it does save time.