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May 7, 2013 07:53 AM

Nut allergies in Seattle

Have got a friend with a severe tree nut allergy visiting. Want to take her to some places that represent the current culture of dining in Seattle, which either (a) don't use nuts in their kitchen, or (b) won't mind catering to her allergy. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I am sure any even decent place you are interested in taking her, you could call ahead and speak to the chef.

    People are aware that nut allergies can be life-threatening. Most schools don't even allow nut-butter sandwiches cookies brought from home for a kid's lunch, let alone serving dishes with nuts in them in the cafeteria.....

    You should have no problem getting a listening ear for the issue.

    I do know personally that any Maria Hines resto is very on top of this issue; and she sure has an assortment of cuisines you could try out at her places now.

    1. Went through this when my nephew visited. As gingershelley says, Maria Hines is on top of this in her restaurants. As is Holly Smith at Café Juanita. Also agree with Gingershelley that you should call ahead. It takes the worry out of the evening. There are a few "nice" places in Seattle that I called prior to my nephew's visit and was told flat out that they do not guarantee to be free of any allergens - I assume they are worried about liability.

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        Liability, and maybe even genuine concern for the guest. I don't feel like I can really guarantee that I got every last speck of hazelnut paste (or whatever) out of the food processor, or that there weren't a few molecules of nut oil left in the dish machine after running the processor through it, etc. If someone really needs a nut-free environment, I would not want to risk it.

      2. Given that this is a severe allergy, you might post your query on the "Sensitive in Seattle" site.