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May 7, 2013 07:19 AM

Providence Waterfront Dining

Hi Chowhounds,

Venturing south to a graduation in Providence and am looking for recommendations for waterfront dining for a party of 12. I know this is rather short notice. Parameters:
1. Not extremely expensive
2. Scenic
3. Quality food
4. Needs to accomodate a meat and potatoes guy, foodies, and a couple gluten-phobes.

Thanks for helping in this difficult task. I really don't know Providence at all and am at your mercy!

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  1. I went to an engagement party here. Food was good but it was mostly passed items, cocktail party type food. It was quite pretty though and the service was excellent. Main menu is online.

    On the complete other spectrum I saw a band at Whiskey Republic and we went back and had an late lunch/early dinner the next day before heading back to Boston. The food, for what it is, was quite good. My burger was excellent, the wings were extra spicy and crispy they way I like them, good mac n cheese. Again, didn’t notice if there were GF options. You could do an early, *very* casual dinner there before the places turns into a college oriented sports bar/concert hall. Chances are the graduate (assuming college?) has been there.

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      The Waterman Grille looks as though it may be a good fit. Menu looks very good. Whiskey Republic looks like a good place for me to go next time I'm passing through. Thanks for your reply!

    2. I thought there was more Waterfront to Providence but did a little mapping and learned some geography. Am expanding to restaurants with outdoor dining or major character.

      My list:
      Dorrance (no outdoor, though)
      Waterman Grille
      Café Nuovo

      Will post a new post to address this.