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Help! Where can I buy a chemex?

My Chemex broke yesterday and I have a houseful of guests coming in.
I want to try to avoid Newbury St or Mass Ave.
I work in Boston and live on Woburn/Lexinton line. I know the Burlington Mall has them (William Sonoma) but I was kinda hoping for a place I could pop into easily.
I ordered one on Amazon but not sure if it will arrive in time (but will be a back up going forward).
Last one I got was in a hardware store in Maine....

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  1. Have you tried the kitchen supply place in Concord? (The Concord Shop)

    1. Any Peets coffee will sell them. Also have seen them for sale at most whole foods.

      1. Also Sur La Table in Copley

        1. Probably not convenient for you, but China Fair in Newton and Porter Sq., Cambridge sells them.

          1. Bingo!!!!!
            Found it at Peets in Lexington.
            Thanks Klunco!

            1. Pretty sure I saw them recently at China Fair in Newton, but I'll bet the Porter Sq store has them too. That doesn't seem too far for you, but I'd call first.

              1. you can also order them direct from chemex in pittsfield. several sizes, accessories and filters.


                1. For future inquiries, to my surprise, I recently saw Chemex at Shattuck Ace in Arlington on Mill St.

                  Also, Abodeon on Mass Ave always has them, too.

                  And I could swear I've seen them at Barista in Arlington, also on Mass Ave.

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                    "And I could swear I've seen them at Barista in Arlington, also on Mass Ave."

                    I assume you mean *Barismo*? What you probably saw was the somewhat similar looking Hario Woodneck. I don't believe they carry Chemex.

                    1. re: digga

                      Also noteworthy about Abodeon (at least last time I was there) is that they had some of the vintage designs; a bit less rounded, more mod looking...

                    2. This is a great online resource:


                      My coffee junkie friends prefer the Kalita Wave to the Chemex.