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May 7, 2013 05:04 AM

Supplements at Per Se

I will be eating at Per Se with a group of friends next week and started looking at the menu. I noticed that there are two supplements available.

Are these served in addition to the courses listed or as a substitution? I am interested in the foie gras but the salad looks good as well.

Also, one of my friends is not big on eating anything raw. Is the oyster in the oysters and pearls cooked?

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  1. You should probably call the restaurant and ask these questions directly.

    1. The foie gras is a substitute for the salad with a surcharge. Not sure about the oyster, but it is my favorite and one of Per Se's best dishes.

      1. The oysters are sort of cooked, as the custard/sabayon is poured over the raw oysters.

        1. You can ask to supplement and you'll pay the same price but get an additional course.

          1. It's 'either or'.
            Either "Oysters & Pearls" or "Tsar Imperial Caviar (with a surcharge)".
            Either "Salad" or "Foie Gras (with a surcharge)".

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              Yes, but you can also request both. Not sure how they price it, but I've done it.

              1. re: lexismore

                Yes... Per Se is very accommodating, so anything is possible at extra charges. I am just talking about what's offered by default.