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May 7, 2013 04:04 AM

Early lunch in paris with a toddler

Seeking good advice for this very specific question!

We'll be in Paris for 4 hours in July, with a two-year-old in tow. Our train out leaves at 2, which doesn't leave much time for lunch and then a dash to Bercy. Does anyone have advice for an early lunch (thinking 11 am or so) in a place with foodie leanings that won't be horrified by a two-year-old (a well-behaved restaurant veteran).

We were checking out Breizh Cafe, but at an 11:30 opening we might be pushing it. Are there any places you'd recommend that open earlier or perhaps stay open through breakfast and lunch? Many thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a terrific place, the Cafe Cartouche, second of Repaire de C. not far from where I think you'll be taking your car on the Bercy Train Station, no? Opens at 12 but good chow and you can order quickly and sprint over. Or do you mean the Gare de Lyon not Bercy?

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      OMG, I was gonna recommend Café Cartouche too!

      Adorable place and they can do really good value express lunch... but tell them as soon as you enter (but after your smiling "bonjour, monsieur") that you have a train to catch... BTW, the key word is "pressé"/ in a hurry...From there it's just a 7- to 10-min walk to the Gare de Paris-Bercy... or you can cut it down to just 3 mins by catching the #24 bus on the rue Bercy just outside the Café Cartouche to the next stop... the kid rides free.