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May 6, 2013 09:37 PM

Bachelor Party Dining Ideas

Greetings Chowhounders!

Group of New Orleans guys coming to Vegas this week. Best Man (me) and Groom come up a day early (Wednesday) to hang and do our thing before the rest of the crew (4-6 dudes) show up.

Looking for ideas and suggestions.

I love Vegas and have been 10-13 times in adult life....will have a car. I know my way around really well.

Mixing one or two high end dinners with breakfast joints, dives, ethnic, brewpubs, a buffet, and whatever comes our way...

Night one is just best man and groom. We always enjoyed good meals together in New Orleans so I am looking for something special, over the top and decadent. I am thinking CarneVino. Looks awesome but the crazy seafood place at Wynn that is on Bizarre Foods America sure has my interest.

Rest of fellas get in on Thursday night. Was thinking Pink Taco for dinner for fun more so than food. Shots of tequilla, a bite, high energy, etc. Yes or No????

Breakfast joints that will not be missed are White Cross Drug Store and Hash House (not Hash House a Go-Go but the locals Has House way off strip) Terrible shame that Binion's Coffee Shop is closed! Have heard great things about Dupar's at Golden Gate.

We have 2 nights Treasure Island and 2 nights Golden Nugget. I have a car and drive everywhere (once drinking I cab everywhere!)

Need lunch and or dinner recs for Friday night....might do something a little more casual like brewpub meal at Triple 7 Brewpub at Main Street Station.

I have hit SIAM in the past so it might get a lunch showing.

Big group dinner is Saturday night and we might go old school and just hit the Golden Steer private room. We did it on my bachelor party with tremendous results.

Really just need a few lunch rec's and maybe Friday night dinner rec. I would do the crazy group dining meal at Pearl. It looks awesome!

Sunday I am somewhat locked in on M Resort's Seafood Brunch.

Drunks snacks not limited but to include:
Pink's Hot Dog's at Planet Hollywood
In-n-Out Burger
Pizza slice place in Cosmopolitan Hotel

So you might read this and think, "jeez, this guy has a ridiculous list of places!" I am still open to any suggestions or ideas!

Thank you so much,

Michael Cegielski

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  1. Binions has a small area where the counter is with some tables..Moneta rocks it.
    Lotus of Siam for lunch..In and Out..burger bar at Mandalay.
    Secret pizza at the Cosmo for late night.
    Golden Nugget used to have a decent noodle bar.. its been the .99cent shrimp cocktail at the casino across from Binions..always forget the name.
    Country Club at Wynn for dinner. sandwiches at Treasure Island..good Jewish deli for late night.
    Peppermill for late night breakfast..
    Charlie Palmers Cut of the week for $48pp with wine is a great deal.
    Milos at the Cosmo for 3 course lunch $21.00..
    Palace station oyster bar too.

    Have fun and report back!

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      The deli at Treasure Island, Canter's Deli, is closed. For another off the Strip checkout Rincon de Buenos Aires. I love their empanadas, steaks and sandwiches. Their lomito completo sandwich was voted the best sandwich in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Weekly.

      1. re: Eric

        Wow..just ate there in Sept for a late night turkey on rye..
        Thanks Eric!

    2. You might consider culinary dropout at the hard rock rather than pink taco. It has outdoor space and a nice bar area. It's clearly set up for this type of event ( I've never seen so many 8 tops ) but I thought the food was much better than it needed to be and our party of seven all gave it a thumbs up

      1. hello again,

        what dining room would you say "blows your mind?"
        is there one specific dining room that is visually over the top and what is the first one that comes to mind when you think of this?
        I am possibly interested in switching from Carne Vino Wednesday night to something else.

        All recs appreciated.

        1. May try here, they have a grill in the range.

          Tiffany's (White Cross Drugs) is my go to place after a late night out.

          Mingo's next to the Arts Factory just opened. It is next to the Artifice lounge. Bar, food, music,dancing, etc.

          1. I think most of your ideas are good and I like that you are diving into some old-school places that will make it feel more like a real Vegas bachelor weekend. Some of the decisions depend on the vibe of the group -- are you raucous or are you mellow? For example, if you lean toward the mellow, I love Beach Chick's idea of going to the Peppermill, either the lounge for a drink or two, or the dining room for breakfast (at any hour). They have huge booths that will certainly hold 6 and maybe more, and usually there is no pressure to give up the table.

            If you are at the Nugget, you might want to visit DuPars. The ambiance isn't anything special, but it's good enough and some folks rave over the pancakes. EAT probably has better food, but it might be a problem seating you all together.

            I think Carnevino and Golden Steer are good ideas if you are both steak lovers.