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May 6, 2013 08:02 PM

Famous Bagels near Le Westin to Take to California?

I've noted the two famous bagel shops in Montreal but I'd like to know if there is a source near the Westin. My husband will be staying there for work and I don't think he'll have time to go to the actual bakeries unless they are close by. Could someone advise where he can get bagels near the hotel to bring home for me? I am curious to try them. Thank you! Any other delicious treats you recommend?

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  1. you'd be making a big mistake to not go to the source. it is a really easy city to get around by public transportation or cab. the two main bakeries are close to each other and about a 20 minute ride on the bus from the westin in one of the best neighbourhoods in the city.

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      Unfortunately, I'll be in California and I doubt my husband will make an excursion outside of his team's itinerary. Otherwise, I would go to the source myself. Can you but them at local cafes or must one go to the source?

      1. re: Mari

        he can purchase st-viateur bagels at the airport on his way home. be sure to toast them. unfortunately, having them in any form but fresh from the wood fired oven for the first time may sour you to them but they are still good toasted.- just not amazing.

    2. they are under a 10 min cab ride have time. grocery stores 10 min walk away (sherbrooke/parc) will have them but they will be a few days old so just go to the viateur or fairmount..

      1. well, you can always get them delivered. i know st-viateur ships their bagels in the US

        1. They travel so badly, it's barely worth it... But if you must, have him pick some up at the airport. Warm them up for about 5 minutes at 250F. Freeze any you don't eat right away.