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May 6, 2013 06:30 PM

Old(more than 6 months) Kimchee ideas?

I bough a big jug of Kimchee in December and used a little bit of it, and it got lost way in the back of the fridge. I found it today, opened it up and *WOAH*.......the smell almost knocked me over.

Is it still safe to eat? (I would really hate to throw it away as I spent $20 for it). And if so, I imagine the flavor (based on the smell) would be quite pungent. I read somewhere that old Kimchi makes a good stock base for soup, so that is what I plan on doing with it. Anyone ever try this? Any other ideas for it's use?

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  1. Its fermented doesn't really go bad...

    I like to cook or make soup with older kimchi.

    1. Safe to eat.

      And delicious to eat on a hot dog.

      1. When kimchi gets old, it just gets more sour but it's still edible. However I prefer my kimchi fresh (I make my own), so when it gets old my go-to dishes are:

        - Kimchi jigae (pork & tofu kimchi stew -- delicious on a cold day!)
        - Kimchi fried rice
        - bi bim bap
        - kimchi pancake (savory version like seafood pancake, not sweet version like breakfast pancakes)

        Since it's on the sour side, you can use it much like a spicy sauerkraut.

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          Do you have a good kimchi pancake recipe? I've just gotten into making my own kimchi and am still learning how to use it best.

        2. Yes, soup works just fine. Check this out:

          Also good in a thin omelet, sliced and served over rice with grilled green onions.

          If you feel the need to tone it down, just chop up some cabbage and mix in. I know, I'm bastardizing it but I've done it to make old, pungent kimchee palatable to my kids.

          1. It's safe to eat. Other than what the others have suggested, my go-to move with way too old kimchi is to make caramelized kimchi. Get a pan screaming hot, throw the kimchi on, and keep cooking and turning down the heat until it's reduced into dark kimchi goodness. Add lots of butter or bacon fat, some sugar and sesame oil. A little wine/vodka. It's delicious on everything!