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May 6, 2013 06:01 PM

Couscous Brands, Bulk, etc.

So I'm not interested in purchasing the couscous boxes in the grocery store that contain "flavor packets," and recoil against paying nearly $8 for a container of "Rice Select" brand. In my local grocery store those seem to be my only options.

What brand(s) of couscous have you found to be good? Are you satisfied with the products available in bulk bins (at Whole Foods, for example)? Are there other ways to find this product (Costco,, etc.)?


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  1. Trader joes Israeli couscous is good.

    1. I like TJs whole wheat couscous. Added bonus, it's $1.99.

      1. Thanks for the heads-up about TJs. I hadn't looked there, but will. And it's just down the street from Whole Foods in case I can't find it at TJs. Thanks!

        1. I buy it in bulk at a local middle eastern market. Cheap and good.

          1. Local "Earth Fare" market has whole wheat cous cous for $3.99/lb. Whole Foods has same and/or "regular" cous cous for $2.99/lb. Both in bulk. Haven't looked at Trader's yet.