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May 6, 2013 05:27 PM

Mother's Day Brunch Between New Haven and Niantic, NOT north of I-95

This afternoon my daughters announced that they want to take mom and gram oput for Mother's Day brunch (but dad will pay). Oldest says she's tired of Fairfield Countyh and Milford-New Haven choices. She has decided that she wants something along the 95/Rt 1 corridor between New Haven and Niantic (No further east so Gram won't ask for a side trip to the casinos).
Mismosas are a must, both breakfast foods for the gals and Sunday dinner food for me is desirable.
Water's Edge is out, it is too hard to handle the multi level dining room.

I know it's close, but any CHer with suggestions (group of 6)

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  1. Fresh Salt (at the Saybrook Point Inn) lists a Mother's Day brunch on their events page...I haven't been there since they changed the name of their restaurant, but they used to have a pretty good brunch (though not as elaborate as Water's Edge).

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      I'm a big fan of Fresh Salt. It's better than the restaurant that used to be in that space, Terra Mar. Food is good (not inventive or creative but consistently good. Nice water views. Can get a little noisy though.

      You might check out the Old Lyme Inn as well. The dining rooms were tastefully redone about a year ago and the food is solid. Cafe Routier in Westbrook might be an option as well.

    2. Bee and Thistle or Elizabeth's?

      1. Either Gabrielle's in Centerbrook or Water's Edge in Westbrook offer what you are looking for and are great choices.

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        1. re: jdgall

          NO, they don't.
          while I appreciate you taking the time to reply, My post specifically said:

          NOT North of I-95 (Centerbrook is north)
          Water's Edge is out because of the multi level dining room.

          So might you have any suggestions that meet the criteria of the OP?

          1. A little farther in Mystic is the Floodtide at The Inn at Mystic, haven't been for a while but it was our go to for Sunday brunch for years.