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May 6, 2013 05:18 PM

Moving to Charleston: where to shop?

We're moving to Charleston from NYC this summer - what are the recommended places for food shopping? Mainly interested in a good butcher and a fish place.

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  1. There's NY butcher in Mt P. that's pretty good. For fish, Mt Pleasant Seafood at Shem Creek. For fresh shrimp, Wando or Magwood, also on Shem Creek. You can also get shrimp and fresh fish at the Mt P farmer's market on Tuesday evenings. The local farmers are there with their produce. It's well worth your time. I like it better than the one downtown, since it's just food-no crafty business.

    There's a Whole Foods and TJs in Mt P and a nice Earth Fare West Ashley.

    1. For everyday food shopping, we found Harris Teeter to be very good.

        1. I don't know what part of Charleston you are moving to, but here are my favorites - mostly downtown or West Ashley/James Island areas. I don't go over to Mt. Pleasant much, but it looks like Sue has that part of town covered.

          Seafood: Crosby's - they have a location on Folly Beach & one downtown

          Meat: Earthfare (West Ashley) or Teds Bucherblock (downtown) depending on what you need.

          Veggies: Charleston farmers market on Saturdays, multiple CSAs

          Wine & cheese: Avondale Wine & Cheese - West Ashley

          Bread: Normandy Farms (West Ashley, near Earthfare)

          Good luck with your move!

          1. what part of Charleston will you be living in - what is your neighborhood?? This is a very spread out city/suburb and it will make a big difference in recommendations. This is a driving town - no public transportation worth much.

            My main suggestion is go as close to the ocean as you can for seafood - eat local seafood - avoid buying fish/seafood from major grocery stores whenever possible. And in Charleston that is possible in every part of town. Check in with the Aquarium about local fresh and salt water fish and seafood that is not endangered - eat those! Support our local boats - fishermen/shrimpers and our local small farms.

            And read Charleston city paper section on local producers, markets, farms etc - it's called 'Dirt' on their web-site. There's no better guide to everything local/sustainable.

            Lots more info when we know where you are located.