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May 6, 2013 04:26 PM

cafe sababa alert

ive lefta couple reviews of this meditrranean local restaurant__we go couple times a month well we went today and his special is lamb ,meatballs with polenta in a very good homemade tomatoe based sauce.Its the best meal Ive had there--my wife had a curry based chicken salad which was also outstanding.He prepares the meat balls with a 24 marinate, then makes them ito meatballs and grills them 4 at a time--puts them back into frig for 24 hrs--the meal is outstanding--if any of like very good meditrranean food, ge this weeks special. Hes on shallowford about 2 blocks north of i 285--OUTSTANDING

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  1. Thanks for the post - this sounds miles above most Med. places in town. Exceptions being Café Agora, Kyma and Rumi's Kitchen...perhaps you know a few others.

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      i also like Kyma and Rumi--Sababa is more of a neighborhood gem..Service is great (the owners son) and the owner chef will always come out to see how you like the food,and will spend time telling you how he makes it,if you like.Hes from Israel,and has fantastic homemade hummus,pita bread,great greek salads---smallplace,maybe 12tables-Not as fancy or ecxpensive as the others but for me the food is better