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Moving to Denville from Montclair....

Looking for any and all suggestions
Price can range from dollars to hundreds

Looking for anything adventurous, French, mexican, and everything that's a must try

We love all types of foods and will try anything once

Please advise chowhounders!

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  1. Denville Dairy for all your ice cream desires. It's right on Broadway. It gets very busy in the summertime.

    1. We moved from West Orange (right over the Montclair border) to Morristown about 3 years ago. We still lament over the food aspect of the move. We have found that a lot of our new favorite restaurants have liquor licenses and make for a more expensive night out. There is definitely more driving around here, so a night out could involve 10 to 15 miles one way instead of 2 or 3. There are no Greek restaurants in Morris County. We miss Greek Taverna and Stamna. The closest Greek restaurant is on Eisenhower in Livingston - Lithos which is good, but pricy. We used to go to Mendhi frequently when we moved to town, but now we go to Caffe India (BYO) for Indian Food. We love Raul's Empanadas for an occasional deep-fried treat! Mockingbird Cafe in Basking Ridge isn't that close to you, but I would highly recommend it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's a kind of Raymond's place where you could get a burger or an entree for dinner and the food is excellent. We like both Marjan and Pamir (BYO's) for middle-eastern food. We have tried a few places for Italian food. Portofino is not bad and we actually like Mario's in Morris Plains. By far, the best is Osteria Morini in Bernardsville but that is a distance for you. Although I still like Tomato Pie for their Grandma Pie, my new favorite is Millie's Old World. I can't decide if I prefer the coal or wood-fired pizzas. Lemongrass on Route 10 in Morris Plains is a Viet Thai mix. Some nights I am happy to split a green papaya salad and a bowl of Pho for dinner. There is nothing like Blu that we have been able to find. I would love to find a grass-fed beef burger, but haven't located that one on a menu yet. I usually pick up some beef at the Farmer's Market and grill them myself.

      1. Well, you are going to have some fun! There is no shortage of restaurants in Montclair -- and good ones too!

        Montclair is a hot-spot for restaurants -- a real restaurant town. First, just for ease and convenience, head over to Trip Advisor and check for Montclair restaurants. I would think they have got to have close to 100 listed. That will be a good starting point. Then come here and do some searches. There have to be plenty of threads for Montclair.

        There's some excellent places there. I've recently had some excellent food at Acappello.

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          I read it that way too -- but they are moving from Montclair to Denville.

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            Read it wrong...sorry. Just go back to Montclair to eat. LOL.

        2. Heard some excellent things about Mesob...and very much wanting to get there very soon.

          1. ABSOLUTELY +1 on Denville Dairy! That's the ice cream of my childhood and I never go through Denville without getting some. :-) The black raspberry and coffee chip are personal favorites, but their vanilla soft-serve is also wonderful. You WILL wait, but it will be worth it!

            Separate of that, I have to sadly agree with Marie when she says she's still lamenting the food part of her move...I grew up not far from 'downtown' Denville (where routes 53 and 46 meet) and there just isn't much good food to eat. That said, you'll have to try:

            -Hunan Taste (don't let the overdone decor fool you--the food is good!)

            -Cafe Metro is on Diamond Spring Rd and serves healthy salads, sandwiches, pastas, etc.

            If you're on the Rt 10 side of Denville, you have some other options within reach, but I have to agree that you're going to need to drive for the really good stuff. Let us know what part of the world you'll be in...

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              Based on your comment, I will have to try Hunan Taste. I was doubtful that it could be good looking at the gaudy exterior. Thanks.

              1. Curlz...I will be in cedar lake

                1. One of my favorite places, Tabor Road Tavern, is right on Rte 10. A beautiful place, great patio in warm weather, and really good food at reasonable prices.


                  1. The best Mexican around is in Dover, only 15 minutes drive. There are several really authentic places down there, Tapatio is excellent. Also other assorted South American restaurants. For high-end, have to travel up to Crystal Springs near Vernon for the nearest. There are some authentic Chinese restaurants in Parsippany. Reservoir Tavern is probably the best pizza, sadly.

                    1. Hunan Taste is excellent for Chinese food. If you are adventurous you can ask about their private or secret menu, I forget what they called it. I only found out about the special menu when visiting with a friend of Chinese decent who was familiar with the establishment and spoke fluent Cantonese. The secret menu had items that are dishes normally found in China, rather than the Americanized versions of Chinese food that we have come to know.

                      Another great place to have nearby is Viking Bakery located on First Ave in Denville,...they make the best Birthday cakes! It is kinda a weird duck, in that it is a kosher Scandinavian place, so the product line is atypical. Some items are quintessential Jewish fare, (decent Bagels) other items are Scandinavian, but they also do great french style fruited tarts. Really good B/W cookies, (my daughter's favorite). I love that they use top notch ingredients, and real dairy...no packaged buckets of "buttercreme" they make and use the real old fashioned stuff!

                      Also on First Ave is Doc's, a small coffee shop that makes arguably some of the states finest breakfasts...esp. their pancakes. Lunches are good too. They close early, (3pm ish) but serve good homemade fare. Great homemade breads. The place is small and quite busy, so come very early, or be prepared to wait....but don't worry it is well worth the wait!

                      I have to say though, while I find Denville Dairy to be decent, def. a cut above the chain stuff, I much prefer the Dover Dairy Maid. Better home made ice cream, and better prices. IMHO worth the short drive.

                      Chili Willie's in Boonton has decent Mexican and tex/mex fare. Small hole in the wall type of place, and you need to bring your own Tequila for margaritas as they do not have a liquor license.

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                        Have to disagree on Hunan Taste. Had take-out last summer. Out of the approx. 10 items ordered, only 1 was marginally good enough to reorder. Everything else was mediocre - very disappointing.

                        I'm on the other side of Morris County. My faves are Noodle Chu (very good dim sum)in Parsippany, Mr. Chu (ask for Chinese menu) and Penang (Pan-Asian but the Chinese dishes are consistently very good) both in East Hanover.

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                          I grew up in Whippany and my dad, who's Swedish, always drove over to Viking Bakery to get those big wheels of hardbread. We loved that place.

                        2. Try Churrasco Grill in Lake Hiawatha. Its an Argentinian family owned storefront BYOB. Excellent wood grilled meats and fish. Shrimp Isa, crabmeat risotto lamb chops...

                          1. Heritage Grill, on Broadway. American bistro-ish. Grab a table outside and people watch.

                            1. Ephesus, on Route 53 is reliable Turkish, and BYOB. It can be very, very good on some appetizers and kebabs. I recommend it. Delicious lentil soup.
                              The Alexis Diner might be the best diner in New Jersey. The horiatiki salad is top notch, burgers are excellent, soups are wonderful. His fish is always fresh and well-prepared.
                              Just over the border in Rockaway is a very reliable pizzeria, Paradiso. Even though Matt left to run Pomodoro in Morristown, the standards have kept up, and it is a great buy for lunch or dinner. Not fancy, mind you--but the pasta and pizza is excellent.