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Sep 11, 2002 10:56 AM

Tamales in Houston ?

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This topic may have been covered before but does anyone have recommendations for tamales in Houston?

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  1. Well, I don't have a recomendatoin, but I did try the Texas Tamale comapany on Fountain View.

    It was OK.

    I have actually found better ones at Sam's Wholesale.

    1. Try La Mexicana just off Montrose. The tamales are great and are $8.25 a dozen. They are not as processed tasting as Texas Tamale company's offerings.

      Hope that helps. Website below.



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        I haven't been into Tex-Mex or Mex-Mex for a couple of years now - just changing tastes - so I can't offer my own experience, but I remembered seeing the following article recently and found it on line so I thought I'd post it. Seems Berryhill Tamales now has a location in Calgary!

        I've had the tamales from Sam's - Alamo brand as I recall. They're widely available also at supermarkets in Houston.


        1. If you don't mind driving south of Houston to Friendswood, there's a tamale vendor on FM2351. He's been selling his wife's homemade tamales for 20-plus years there out of his panel truck. (Seems like he was putting himself through college when he started out.) Super clean. Delicious hot or mild can buy them steaming hot, or frozen. I moved away many years ago, but on atrip home in July, I found he was still there and his tamales still as wonderful. Can't remember exactly...think they're $7 dozen. And you have to try his homemade's the best. (it's not the salty Velveeta-based stuff either!)

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            Guess i don't know a good tamale when I eat one. If you wish to try the FM2351 vendor tamales, i'll give you what's left of the 4 dozen i bought there a few weeks back. Think i have 3 1/2 dozen in the freezer. Email me for a covert drop..... Mild tamales were bland and flavorless, spicy tamales where the same.

          2. I haven't tried them, but Alamo Tamales are supposed to be excellent. We are picking some up for Christmas dinner.