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May 6, 2013 02:14 PM

Borough Market search help

Hi all! I've been searching the board for a Borough Market thread that discusses all the great treats to chase down while at the market. It may be operator error, but I can't seem to find one. Any help? I've seen Kappacasein mentioned several times, so that's definitely on my list.

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  1. There are numerous, numerous threads that fit the bill, but probably no single master thread. Make sure that when you do your search that you uncheck the default for the past 12 months, and check the search for the past five years. When I do this, I get more than 400 threads that discuss Borough Market. If I recall, there were some very robust threads on Borough Market 2-3 years back. I'd start with the "newest first" sorting order, and work my way backwards.

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      And bear in mind that anythings from a year or so back may no longer be relevent. Vendors come, vendors go.

      You may wish to start out with the vendor map on the Borough Market website to form a list of ones you might be interested in. And then search for them on the board.

    2. To be honest with you, there's no need for recommendations at the Borough Market. There is so much quality there. Walk around, make the most of all the free samples, and grab a bit if you see something that tickles your fancy. Very hard to go wrong. Let your senses guide you :)

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      1. Kappacastein is indeed a must, both for the toasted cheese and the raclette. Rabat Estate is worth a visit for some choccy goods...or for a seat and some excellent hot choclote.

        More meaty goodness can be had with a hot Ginger Pig sausage roll...or a chorizo roll from Brindisa. I also really like the chippy at the market ("Fish!")...and those piping hot chips have warmed me on many a cold day!

        Haven't had the pleasure, but I am assured that Elliot's is a great place for lunch...I believe they formulate their menu daily from whatever is good at the market.

        Like someone else mentioned....there is too much to list really....some superb ingredients to be had. Cheese from Neal's Yard (Stichelton unpasturised stilton is to die for)....I love the Calabrian goodies from De Calabria - especially the olive oil and enduja....etc etc...let your eyes seek the prize!

        If you are a choccy-lover, the best tip I have for the market is to seek out L'artisan du Chocolat's stall, where they sell their misshapes for a bargain price...I think 5 bags for £10 or some-such. I always root through the bag to find the most interesting ones...including the famous liquid salted caramels! ;)