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May 6, 2013 01:53 PM

Need recipes/ideas for 3-pot buffet server

I recvd a 3-pot buffet server as a gift. Each "crockpot" is 2.5 quarts. I'm looking for recipes and ideas for dinner parties that have 3 coordinated dishes that can be cooked and served in this. For instance, BBQ pork, baked beans and corn bread.

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  1. You can use one or two of the wells as hot servers---don't need to slow-cook everything. 1) Curry (beef or lamb), rice, dahl. 2) Beef, onions, and Portobello mushrooms long-cooked in beer; rice or noodles; sweet & sour red cabbage. 3) Glazed pork tenderloin medallions, scalloped apples; sweet & sour green beans (or spoonbread). 4) Chicken fricasee, green beans cooked with ham, scalloped tomatoes. 5) Chicken in gravy, collard greens cooked with ham, sweet potatoes glazed with pineapple.

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      Great ideas.

      I pretty much only use my crockpot to hold hot food rather than cook in it

      1. You'll get more responses if you edit your title to include more info, like "seeking trio recipes for 3-crockpot menu".
        If the edit time window has run out, report your own thread to the mods (Flag) and request retitling.

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          Do you mean LESS info? (I haven't done this before..)

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            No, more. Your title shouldn't sound like the header of a spam e-mail. It helps to be specific enough to interest people in participating. It should contain enough info to narrow the field of interest so those who have ideas will read it.

        2. This would be a great way to serve a pasta or baked potato bar :) with 3 toppings held hot in the buffet server. (one of which could be braised short ribs in red wine, one of my fave slow-cooker recipes)

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            Also a soup party for a small group. Or a taco party, three different types of fillings.

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              I thought of a baked potato bar too, as my first idea.
              Cheese sauce
              Mushroom gravy
              Sloppy joe or taco style ground beef filling

            2. Toppings for a burger/hot dog cookout: smothered peppers and onions; chili; cheese sauce.