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May 6, 2013 01:46 PM

What is your Favorite farmers market in Vancouver

I live in the mount pleasant area and all ways go to the one by nat bailey stadium, where is your favourite farmers market

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  1. As you probably know, the Nat Baily market is finished for the season. I usually go to the Trout Lake market (which starts this Saturday) or the Main Street Station Market (which is a little smaller and less crowded). For full listings, visit:

    Another of my favourite markets, although it's not in Vancouver, is the Thursday and Friday Night Markets held at the Shipyards Plaza, just east of the Lonsdale Quay. Some produce, but a larger focus on locally made foods and crafts, entertainment, food trucks and (at least last year) a beer garden. For full info visit:

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      Must make an effort to visit the North Shore market-Thanks for the info!

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        How are the prices at the Squamish market