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May 6, 2013 01:38 PM

Jeffrey's reopened

I overheard a conversation about the re-opened Jeffrey's in Clarksville. It was a group of folks that live in the Old Enfield neighborhood. They said it's turned in to more of a steak place and that the prices are even higher than before. Has anyone on Chowhound gone yet? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Interesting - the menu's are not yet online for either Jeffrey's or the Josephine House. Not that I can find, anyhow.

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      Eater had a post about it the other day and a reader provided pictures of the menu. the 125 comments are entertaining, too..

      it's out of my price range unless i want to eat salads, appetizers, and side dishes. based on the simple descriptions, those items appeal to me the most, anyway.

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        Funny - they explicitly state USDA Prime Certified Angus Beef, but CAB beef doesn't guarantee prime (unless there's some insider way to order). On the steak thread, someone mentioned Saltgrass - they use CAB brand beef as well, and I've had some very good steaks there for less than half the price. I do like how Jeffrey's at least specifies "dry aged" and the number of days, as well as the source of the beef. Many steakhouses, like Sullivan's, don't tell you that they use USDA Select (and the servers don't know), and even Ruth's Chris at least used to offer wet aged prime as their best offering.

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        They've posted the official dinner & bar menus on their website now. I'm curious to see the wine list/prices.

      3. I guess this place is now a new answer to the "steaks not downtown" thread.

        1. Ate there a couple of weeks ago. My first time back in Austin in a decade. I was a frequent diner there in the 80s and 90s, and loved the place. The reopened restaurant is a totally different experience. It's divided up into small rooms in a way that doesn't feel natural. There were temperature control issues in the claustrophobic dining room I was seated in. The food is both pedestrian, if well prepared, and much more expensive than the old Jeffrey's. There's just no sense of creativity in the menu. No complaints about service, however. The place was heavily staffed. I'm sure they'll find a clientele, but I'll probably not be among them.

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            OK, good report - What other places do you like in that area?

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              Like I said, I haven't been back there in ten years. My favorites are long gone. I hit Perla's for lunch (part of the same group that now owns Jeffrey's). The seafood was good, but again a bit pricey for lunch. Went to Taj Palace for Indian on Sunday (the lunch buffet) - an insanely good value. Wonderful food, and nice people.

              It's become a good town for ethnic dining, with tons of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and other choices according to friends and family. I won't be going back on business for several months, so further exploration will have to wait until then.